on my phone vs in my phone

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on my phone is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"on my phone" usually refers to something that appears on the phone screen, but it can also refer to data or content contained in the phone. "in my phone" usually refers to data or content held within the phone.

  • Examples of “on my phone” on the Internet

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    Texts on my phone are deleted after three weeks.

    You looked up the list on my phone and saw some mistakes.

    I probably have an e-mail open on my phone.

    I noticed this morning that the call register on my phone is broken.

    I probably have an e-mail on my phone.

    Okay, imagine the app is on my phone.

    I still got nothin' on my phone. It's probably broken again.

    There's a message on my phone from my mom.

    I about died when your name came up on my phone.

    You're sitting on my phone, I think.

    I have William's texts on my phone.

    There is everything I need for wor and personal life sitting on my phone right now.

    How did I now? I looked it up on my phone just now.

  • Examples of “in my phone” on the Internet

    6,800,300 results on the web

    I will find the number for you. I think it's in my phone.

    "Mr. President, we have all the data of the suspect in his phone."

    Do I need to put a microchip in my phone or is it already in there?

    In my phone, there is technology that wasn't accessible even just a handful of years ago.

    Is there a record of my geolocation stored in my phone? I'm a bit worried about big data collection.

    The operator said I need to look in my phone to find the serial number.

    There is a backup of the SD card in my phone I believe.

    Is the new chip in my phone compatible with 5G?

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