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Free Online Language Translator - Wordvice AI

Use our AI-powered online translator to instantly and accurately translate any kind of text.

What Can You Do with Wordvice AI's Text Translator?

  • Get superior translation compared to other AI translators
  • Use our online translator ad-free
  • Translate directly online without using an app or add-on
  • Our AI translator ensures highly accurate translation
  • The translator works on computer and mobile devices
  • Compare to other online translators and see the difference

How to Use the Wordvice AI Language Translator

To get top-quality online translation for free, simply type or paste your text into the text box on the left, choose your source language and target language, and click the “Translate” button. Our AI-powered translation technology does the rest.

Who Should Use Our Free Text Translator?

Wordvice AI is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Our free translator is perfect for anyone who can benefit from expertly-translated text to bridge the language gap. And be sure to get professional proofreading services from Wordvice after AI translation.

The Wordvice AI translation tool helps students quickly absorb information from other cultures


Reading or writing in another language can be an essential skill for students, especially those studying or learning another language. Wordvice AI’s language translation helps you understand studies written in other languages or conduct your own research in a foreign language. For example, an American student looking to write a survey for Japanese participants can craft natural questions and phrases in Japanese quickly using our translation tool.


When writing a research paper or article, researchers usually compose their draft in their native language. However, the academic journal they are submitting to is often in a different target language. Researchers writing their manuscripts in Korean, Japanese, or Chinese will eventually require translation before submitting their work to journals.

Researchers can use our text translator to prepare their manuscripts for submission in another language
The Wordvice AI translator helps professionals achieve cross-border communications


Businesses and professionals often require translation of documents, reports, and even ad copy to target their audiences in different languages. Our AI translator makes it easy to localize any text to meet the language needs of your customers, clients, or co-workers.

Which Languages Pairs Does Our Tool Translate?

Instantly translate between English and Chinese (traditional/simplified), Japanese, and Korean languages.

  • English to Korean Translation
  • English to Chinese (Traditional) Translation
  • English to Chinese (Simplified) Translation
  • English to Japanese Translation
  • Korean to English Translation
  • Chinese (Traditional) to English Translation
  • Chinese (Simplified) to English Translation
  • Japanese to English Translation