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Modes :
Rephrases text in a more natural manner
Rephrases text in a tone suitable for academic publishing
Rephrases text in a professional tone suitable for formal occasions Unlock with Premium
Rephrases text in a professional tone suitable for casual but polite occasions Unlock with Premium
Rephrases text in a livelier tone Unlock with Premium
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Wordvice AI’s Free AI Paraphrasing Tool Improves Any Kind of Writing

The Wordvice AI Paraphrasing Tool helps writers craft more concise sentences and avoid plagiarism in their writing. Paraphrase text in papers, essays, and other original content to enhance flow and readability. Improve vocabulary, style, and tone for any kind of writing. Simply input your text into the field and our free AI paraphraser will help you instantly create the best version of your work. Try the best paraphrasing tool online for free right now.

What is an AI paraphrasing tool?

An online paraphrasing tool is an AI-powered application that rephrases text to improve writing style and expression. Our paraphraser uses natural language processing to effectively rephrase research papers, essays, academic writing, and other kinds of text that require clear and precise language. You can also use our free paraphraser to revise sentences and find synonyms for vocabulary terms. Best of all, our AI paraphrasing tool is 100% free to use!

What is the advantage of using an AI rephrase tool?

A rephrase tool, also known as a paraphrasing tool, is an online software designed to help users rewrite text in a different way while maintaining the original meaning. This rephrase AI is incredibly useful for avoiding plagiarism, improving language fluency, and enhancing overall writing quality. By inputting a piece of text, users can receive alternative phrasing suggestions that preserve the core ideas but present them in a new structure or style. Our rephrasing tool utilizes advanced algorithms and AI to understand context, grammar, and syntax, ensuring that the output is coherent and contextually appropriate.

Why use our Rephrase Tool?

Wordvice AI is the best AI Rephrase tool for free available today and is useful to writers in several ways.

The Wordvice AI paraphraser helps you write smarter

Our AI Paraphrasing Tool helps improve your vocabulary

The AI paraphraser identifies terms and phrases that could be written more naturally and applies the most appropriate words while maintaining the meaning of your writing.

Revise and paraphrase to avoid plagiarism

Our free paraphraser helps ensure that you avoid plagiarism in your academic work by altering the syntax and terminology used in your text.

Wordvice AI's free paraphrasing tool ensures you avoid plagiarism in your academic work
The Wordvice AI paraphrasing tool uses AI models to create natural rewording

Multiple paraphrasing modes to control your output text

Because our online paraphraser offers several modes to find the best language and tone to rewrite your text, you can be certain that your paraphrased work will sound natural and appropriate to readers.

How to Use Our Free Paraphraser

Using our paraphrasing tool online is easy for any writer.

1. Enter the text you want to rephrase into the AI Paraphraser’s text box.

2. Select your preferred paraphrasing mode.

3. Click the “paraphrase” button and our paraphraser gets to work.

Select the Paraphrasing Mode for Your Document

The Wordvice free AI Paraphrasing Tool gives you flexibility in how you choose to express yourself. Choose from five different paraphrasing modes to apply that let you control the tone and content of your paraphrased text.

Paraphrasing Mode What does it do?
Fluent Paraphrasing Increases flow and readability in your text, making it clearer and easier to understand.
Academic Paraphrasing Elevates your language and improves the naturalness of phrasing and expressions. Useful for academic texts such as research papers.
Professional (formal) Paraphrasing Gives your text a more formal and business-like quality. Perfect for business reports or emails to important clients and managers.
Professional (friendly) Paraphrasing Makes your tone more informal and friendly while retaining the meaning and content. Applicable to most emails and informal messages.
Creative Paraphrasing Enhances the creative elements in your writing, making it more interesting and exciting to readers. Great for works of fiction, personal essays, scripts, or other creative work.

Who can benefit from using the Wordvice AI Paraphraser?

Our free text paraphraser can improve writing in any kind of document.

Students can use the Wordvice AI essay paraphraser to rewrite essays and paraphrase articles

Essay Paraphraser for Students

Students can use our AI paraphrasing tool for free to craft clear and strong assignments free of plagiarism. Use the tool as a essay rephraser when you need to rewrite a thesis statement for a term paper, an introduction for an application essay, or any written homework assignment.

Research paper Paraphrasing Tool for Researchers

Use our AI article paraphraser to make your language more formal and academic when preparing research papers and articles. Combine content from multiple studies to strengthen your work and avoid plagiarism. Use together with professional proofreading services to maximize your impact.

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Article Paraphrase AI for Business & Creative Professionals

Businesses need to save time writing the best copy for their target audience. Wordvice AI’s sentence rephraser can help copywriters write emails, presentations, reports, training documents, and more to wow their target audience.

Choose Your Document Type to Paraphrase

Select from several document paraphrasing types to meet the needs of your document.

Document Type Comprehensive Document Paraphrasing
General Paraphrasing for any kind of document with no specified tone, formatting, or guidelines.
  • Research paper paraphraser
  • Journal manuscript paraphraser
  • Dissertation paraphraser
  • Thesis paraphraser
  • Abstract paraphraser
  • Essay paraphraser
  • Personal statement paraphraser
  • Cover letter paraphraser
  • Recommendation letter paraphraser
  • Resume/CV paraphraser
  • Report paraphraser
  • Brochure paraphraser
  • Marketing copy paraphraser
  • Email paraphraser
  • Document paraphraser
  • Book paraphraser
  • Novel paraphraser
  • Script and screenplay paraphraser
  • Personal blog paraphraser
  • Business blog paraphraser
  • Social media paraphraser

Wordvice AI Paraphraser FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Wordvice AI’s free paraphraser.

  • What is the Wordvice AI Paraphraser?
  • How does the Wordvice AI Paraphrasing Tool work?
  • Can a paraphrasing tool help avoid plagiarism?
  • How much does the AI Paraphrasing Tool cost?
  • Can your Rephrase AI improve the readability and tone of my writing?
  • Is using an AI-powered paraphrasing tool considered cheating?
  • How is paraphrasing with AI different from plagiarizing?
  • Should I paraphrase with AI or use professional paraphrasing services?
  • What other writing tools does Wordvice AI provide?
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