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Our AI Grammar Checker Perfects Your Sentences Like a Pro

Use Wordvice AI's free AI grammar checker to refine your English sentences in any document. Instantly find and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes; receive vocabulary enhancements and feedback to boost your writing skills. The free grammar checker streamlines editing, ensuring you steer clear of linguistic errors and elevate the effectiveness of your writing.

What is a grammar checker?

An online grammar checker is a powerful tool that analyzes and corrects sentences in real time to fix any grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. Leveraging AI-powered technology, it provides a dependable and cost-effective method to instantly enhance your writing and communication skills.

A thorough grammar check is crucial to refining your writing for clarity and precision. An online sentence checker like Wordvice AI gives you access to professional-grade writing correction, letting you polish your written content before submitting it to journals, reviewers, or professors.

Write with Confidence with Our Powerful Grammar Checker Tool

Our free online grammar checker enhances your documents by improving grammar, clarity, and coherence in your writing. Whether you're correcting language mistakes or refining complex sentences, Wordvice AI’s free grammar check tool is your essential AI helper for writing and sentence checking.

Accelerate the writing process

Boost your writing speed with the AI Grammar Checker's one-click correction feature. This tool quickly identifies errors and applies corrections to your entire text at once, saving you the hassle of addressing mistakes one by one.

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Polish your writing style and expression

Our free grammar checker does more than just correct grammar. It detects and corrects awkward phrases and inappropriate vocabulary, suggesting better alternatives to strengthen your message. It also improves sentence structure and tone of voice for greater clarity and impact.

Master English grammar rules

While many grammar checkers fix errors without explanation, the AI Grammar Checker provides detailed editorial comments on the changes made. This feedback offers valuable insights into the rules of English grammar, aiding in the improvement of your writing skills.

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How to Use Our Grammar Checker

Before submitting any text for an online grammar check, adjust the revision settings to align with the requirements of your document.

1. Paste the text you would like to correct into the text box.

2. Select the grammar-checking mode that best suits your document.

3. Select “Check Grammar” and the grammar checker gets to work.

Need your document edited by a professional human editor?

For some documents, a sentence checker just won’t cut it. Why not seek the expertise of a professional to fine-tune the writing in your crucial documents? While our AI writing and editing tools provide instant and free corrections, we also offer two tiers of editing services by professional human editors.

  • Opt for Wordvice AI’s Human Proofreader Service when looking for affordable grammar correction and basic stylistic editing by human professionals with fast delivery. Ideal for enhancing essential documents with a personalized touch.
  • Choose Wordvice’s expert Proofreading Services for in-depth stylistic editing and grammar checking by native English speakers who hold advanced degrees related to your document's academic field. Benefit from comprehensive feedback on both the content and language aspects. This service is especially suited for academic papers bound for journal publication.

Common Writing Errors Targeted by Our Free Grammar Checker

Let the best online grammar checker catch your writing mistakes so you can focus on creating quality content.

Writing Error Incorrect Correct
Comma Splice She loves to read, he prefers to watch movies. She loves to read, and he prefers to watch movies.
Sentence Fragment Because his sister was late to the party. Because his sister was late to the party, she missed the game.
Passive Voice The birthday cake was eaten by the children. The children ate the birthday cake.
Run-on Sentence Heather jogs every morning she never feels tired. Heather jogs every morning; she never feels tired.

Authors Rely on the Best Grammar Checker to Correct Their Documents

Our accurate free grammar checker can be used by any writer to enhance any type of document.

Research authors need a free grammar checker…

…to assist in refining research papers, journal articles, manuscripts, and dissertations for publication in high-impact journals.

Students benefit from AI grammar correction…

…to craft application essays, CVs and resumes, classroom assignments, and term papers that will captivate admissions officials.

Businesses depend on a sentence checker…

…to perfect marketing materials, blog articles, social media posts, reports, and creative works that engage their audiences and drive revenue.

Wordvice AI Grammar Checker FAQ

Here are some common queries about our free grammar checker software.

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