simple is best vs simple is the best

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simple is the best is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"simple is best" is a common idiom/phrase/maxim. "Simple is the best" is the name of a popular K-pop song, but is awkward for use in general speech.

  • Examples of “simple is the best” on the Internet

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    Simple is the best way to live because this includes a selection of people you keep close. You choose open-hearted relationships with people that grow at different speeds.

    Stoic is the best way; simple is the best way. The less you tell, the less people will ask.

    Being simple is the best in many situations: don't overcomplicate something when it can be simplified.

    To be simple is the best thing in the world; to be modest is the next best thing. I am not sure about being quiet.

    In the example you give, when the speaker appears to be speaking about the present, then the present simple is the best form.

    Networks: Simple is the best for dynamic routing of telecommunications.

    Simple is the best possible solution and 'simple' is the most optimum anything other than that is harder, even if it is 'simpler'.

    Below are the reflections from an appliance repairman: Why getting to simple is the best strategy for long term sustainable success.

    Simple is the best way to go with asparagus!

    Sometimes keeping it simple is the best option. A ton of choices tend to confuse a lot.

    When it comes to manifesting yourself to others, wearing a t-shirt with a customized design (but simple) is the best way.

    Why keeping it simple is the best way to go. How choice and confusion might be keeping you stuck. Why it's important to see your technological systems from a child-like perspective.

  • Examples of “simple is best” on the Internet

    1,690,000 results on the web

    Hello everyone, I often hear Japanese people say "Simple is best." Is this expression commonly used in English?

    Simple is best! ... Thank you for making it as easy as a piece of cake to secure my website. Recommended for simplicity.

    You've probably heard it said by a mentor, teacher, or friend, “Simple is Best!” or “Keep it Simple!”. But do you actually know why simple is best?

    We believe 'Simple is Best', so elegance and intense flavour combinations are at the forefront of our product development.

    It is said that often simple is best, and it's true most of the time.

    Simple is best: why the Renault 4 remains a minimalist masterpiece.

    Simple is best, but the most difficult.

    I looked again at the ribbing I planned to use on the cuff of the sock and thinking that I really liked the way it looked. It finally dawned on me that sometimes simple is best.

    Simple is best when seeking private regeneration funding.

    Simple is best. Less is more, you know?

    Why simple is best: lessons from designing an emergency system for public displays.

    'It's so refreshing to hear that simple is best!'

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