in the summertime vs in summertime

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in summertime is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

These phrases have the same meaning and usage. The popularity might vary on regional location.

  • Examples of “in summertime” on the Internet

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    "Someone Somewhere In Summertime"" is a song by Simple Minds released as the third single from the album New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84) in November ...

    Top Definition. School in summertime. No class. LaTiqua stolled my boyfriend, that's like school in summertime. by Phat-Piimp September 09, 2003. 60 26. Shop .

    "Unemployed In Summertime"". Let's get drunk on saturday. Walk on Primrose Hill Until we lose our way. We''ll get sunburned on the grass. Playing silly buggers ...

    Simple Minds – Someone Somewhere In Summertime Lyrics. Translation in progress. Please wait... Stay, I'm burning slow. With me in the rain, walking in the ..."

    In summertime, we love to walk next to the river by our house.

    Are there any fun activities you like to do in summertime?

  • Examples of “in the summertime” on the Internet

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    In the summertime, we love to go sailing on the North Sea.

    School is not in session** in the summertime**.

    Things are just better in general in the summertime, Sam--no rules, no homework, no responsibility.

    Most baseball games are played in the summertime.

    You can't go sledding in the summertime; you have to wait until it snows.

    In the summertime when I was young, my family used to go to Florida and go swimming in the ocean.

    There is nothing more fun than hanging out with friends and family in the summertime.

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