Our AI Detector Identifies AI-Written Content in Any Document

The Wordvice AI Detector tool detects writing generated by popular AI tools such as ChatGPT. Our AI detector solution provides a level of protection against AI-written text that can threaten the stability of web content or even result in plagiarism in papers bound for publication. Our ChatGPT checker tool ensures that no AI-generated content is present in your important text.

What is an AI detector?

An AI detector (or AI content detector) uses an algorithm designed to detect AI writing in a given text or document. The Wordvice AI Detector can determine if a human or a machine has written a piece of content. As large language models (LLMs) continue to gain function, AI detection tools will always have to be updated to keep pace with this new generative AI technology. Using an AI checker tool like that offered by Wordvice AI is therefore an excellent way to stay on top of the latest advances in AI writing capabilities and ensure the integrity of the writing process.

Why use the Wordvice AI Detector app?

Coverage of multiple AI models

Wordvice AI’s coverage of language models makes it perhaps the best AI detector currently available for commercial use. Check for AI writing produced by ChatGPT and Gemini. Wordvice AI can also detect newer language models as they are released.

man in suit holding a gold magnifying glass and writing in a binder man in suit holding a gold magnifying glass and writing in a binder
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Speed and accuracy of AI detection

Analyze content at the sentence level to quickly and accurately detect human-written and potentially AI-generated text in seconds. We continuously test and retrain our AI model with new data and feedback to enhance the accuracy of our AI text detector.

AI content detection across multiple languages

The Wordvice online AI Detector provides 30 language options, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and more.

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Is the Wordvice AI Detector accurate?

No writer should have to worry about false positives that can result in accusations of using an AI writing tool. We train our model on patterns of natural human writing. This allows us to obtain highly detailed and accurate results when the content deviates from those patterns.

However, because even the best AI detection tools are known to sometimes show false positives or flag certain content as more likely to contain AI-generated text, we cannot completely guarantee the accuracy of the results provided by our AI detector software. Overall, while our ChatGPT checker is more accurate for earlier iterations of the language model, it can be trickier to identify later versions of ChatGPT text. A detector needs to be somewhat more sensitive to identify more sophisticated AI-written content, and our AI detection tool should be used in conjunction with other tools to ensure complete accuracy.

Who should use an AI content detector?

Our online AI detector can be used by all writers for any submitted or published document.

Students need an AI essay detector…

…to verify academic sources generated by AI and ensure that their work does not accidentally include any sections of AI content.

Teachers & professors use AI detector software…

…to check that submitted assignments, theses, and dissertations are not generated using artificial intelligence.

Businesses rely on an AI detection tool…

…to ensure that job applicants are not writing cover letters with AI and to prevent penalization by search engines for not using human-written content.

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