on my phone vs in my phone

一番よく使われている表現はon my phoneです。


通常"on my phone" は電話の画面に表示されるものを指しますが、電話に含まれるデータやコンテンツを指す場合もあります。 . "in my phone"は通常、電話内のデータまたはコンテンツを意味します。

  • on my phone


    Texts on my phone are deleted after three weeks.

    You looked up the list on my phone and saw some mistakes.

    I probably have an e-mail open on my phone.

    I noticed this morning that the call register on my phone is broken.

    I probably have an e-mail on my phone.

    Okay, imagine the app is on my phone.

    I still got nothin' on my phone. It's probably broken again.

    There's a message on my phone from my mom.

    I about died when your name came up on my phone.

    You're sitting on my phone, I think.

    I have William's texts on my phone.

    There is everything I need for wor and personal life sitting on my phone right now.

    How did I now? I looked it up on my phone just now.

  • in my phone


    I will find the number for you. I think it's in my phone.

    "Mr. President, we have all the data of the suspect in his phone."

    Do I need to put a microchip in my phone or is it already in there?

    In my phone, there is technology that wasn't accessible even just a handful of years ago.

    Is there a record of my geolocation stored in my phone? I'm a bit worried about big data collection.

    The operator said I need to look in my phone to find the serial number.

    There is a backup of the SD card in my phone I believe.

    Is the new chip in my phone compatible with 5G?

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