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Removes all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
Improves vocabulary and removes all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
Elevates flow, improves vocabulary, and removes all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors Unlock with Premium
Condenses text, improves clarity, and removes all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors Unlock with Premium
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Our Online Proofreader Improves Your Writing Like an Expert

Use Wordvice AI’s free online proofreader to perfect your English writing in any document. Instantly proofread any text; fix grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors; and receive vocabulary corrections and grammar tips to enhance your writing skills. The free AI Proofreader makes editing quick and painless, helping you avoid language mistakes and improve your writing impact.

What is an AI proofreading tool?

A proofreading tool edits and proofreads writing in real time to correct any remaining grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics errors. Using AI-powered technology, it offers a reliable and affordable way to instantly improve your writing and communication skills.

Proofreading is the final step of editing before publication, so your writing needs to be as strong and clear as possible. An online proofreader like Wordvice AI puts the power of expert editing in your hands, allowing you to improve your written work before sending it to journals, reviewers, or professors.

Why choose the Wordvice AI Proofreader?

Our free proofreader helps you improve your documents by increasing fluency, clarity, and flow in your writing. Whether you need to review your paper for language errors or simplify a wordy paragraph, Wordvice AI’s free proofreader is your go-to AI writing and editing tool.

The Wordvice AI proofreading tool improves writing by increasing fluency, clarity, and flow
The Wordvice AI online proofreader is an online ai editor that improves your writing

Comprehensive proofreading and editing

Wordvice AI is powered by the latest AI language models, giving you online proofreading that is proven to enhance your writing. Our proofreader is trained on millions of academic documents and can apply nuanced revisions nearly at the level of a professional proofreader.

English style editing for more natural vocabulary

Our free proofreader identifies awkward or unusual terms and phrases in your text and replaces them with more appropriate words, elevating the impact of your writing without altering your intended meaning. It also rearranges sentence structure to enhance clarity.

proofread sentences with revised text in bold blue font, wordvice logo in the corner
Wordvice AI's proofreading tool provides comments and offers helpful tips

Helpful feedback on grammar and style issues

Marginal comments explain revisions and provide grammar tips, helping you improve your writing skills in ways most proofreading software apps do not.

How to Use the AI Proofreading Tool

Before entering any text into our online proofreader, apply the revision settings that best suit your needs.

Select your proofreading mode

Choose from four proofreading modes to match the amount and type of revision needed to correct your writing.

How to Use the Wordvice AI Proofreader? Select from one of 4 modes

Light proofreading

Basic AI proofreading to correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics without changing the meaning or message of your content. Perfect for work that just needs a final check before submission.

The Wordvice AI proofreading tool's light mode corrects errors without changing content
The Wordvice AI proofreader's standard mode offers style editing in addition to error checking

Standard proofreading

Proofreading and error check, plus style and copy editing, including vocabulary changes and light rephrasing to correct awkward or unclear terms and expressions. Sharpen your writing without changing the meaning of your text. Ideal for revising your first draft.

Intensive proofreading

AI proofreading and substantive editing, including vocabulary changes, rephrasing, and restructuring of sentences for more natural expression and improved readability, clarity, and flow. It’s like having your own personal content editor.

intensive proofreading tool example, paragraphs with blue underlined text and blue bolded text
concise proofreading tool example, paragraphs with blue underlined text and blue bolded text

Concise proofreading

Text-shortening tool that makes your text more concise and to the point while retaining your meaning. Reduce the length of sentences to meet your document’s word count limit or to sharpen your writing in emails, copy, and other documents where brevity matters.

Need your document edited by a professional human editor?

Sometimes you want an expert to help polish your important written work. While our AI writing and editing tools offer instant free revision, we also provide two levels of proofreading by professional human editors.

  • Use Wordvice AI’s Human Proofreading Service when you need affordable proofreading and basic style editing by human editors with a quick turnaround time. Great for polishing important work with a human touch when you need it.
  • Get Wordvice’s Professional English Editing Services for comprehensive style editing and proofreading by native English speakers with advanced degrees in your paper’s subject area. Receive detailed feedback on content and language issues. Perfect for research documents bound for publication in journals.

Choose Your Document Type

Instantly correct any kind of document. Select from several document types to ensure that your content is revised with appropriate language and conventions.

Document Type Comprehensive Document Proofreading
General Miscellaneous writing of any kind with no specified tone, formatting, or guidelines to apply
  • Research paper proofreader
  • Journal manuscript proofreader
  • Dissertation proofreader
  • Thesis proofreader
  • Abstract proofreader
  • Essay proofreader
  • Personal statement proofreader
  • Cover letter proofreader
  • Recommendation letter proofreader
  • Resume/CV proofreader
  • Report proofreader
  • Brochure proofreader
  • Marketing copy proofreader
  • Email proofreader
  • Document proofreader
  • Book proofreader
  • Novel proofreader
  • Script and screenplay proofreader
  • Personal blog proofreader
  • Business blog proofreader
  • Social media proofreader

Who should use our AI proofreading tool?

Our free proofreader is useful for all writers!

Researchers need an online proofreader…

…to help them create polished research papers, journal articles, manuscripts, and dissertations and get their work published in top journals.

Students can use AI proofreading services…

…to draft application essays, CVs and resumes, class assignments, and term papers that will impress admissions officials and help them achieve their academic goals.

Authors and businesses rely on a document proofreader…

…to revise important marketing content, blog articles, reports, and creative texts that will wow their audiences and increase revenue.

Wordvice AI Proofreader FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our proofreading tool.

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