for sending me vs for your sending to me

A complete search of the internet has found these results:
for sending me is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"for sending me" is a much more common term than "for conveying to me, " which is somewhat old-fashioned. Both phrases mean "send."

  • Examples of “for sending me” on the Internet

    4,028,111 results on the web

    A plague on Caesar for sending me here.

    I just want to say thank you for sending me such an amazing woman and unbelievably generous lover.

    You don't expect me to think these things... ...are sufficient reason for sending me...

    Thanks for sending me on a wild goose chase, by the way.

    Dear Mum and Dad, thank you for sending me the magazine.

    I came by to say thank you for sending me the profile.

    Are you mad at yourself for sending me that picture?

    Thanks for sending me to that seminar.

    I shall always love you for sending me here.

    Thank you for sending me flowers.

    Thank you for sending me away when you needed to.

  • Examples of “for conveying to me” on the Internet

    300,229 results on the web

    Thank you for conveying this message to me. It is greatly appreciated.

    They said they were sorry for conveying to me such sad information.

    For conveying to me this lovely package, I will reimburse you fully, don't worry.

    I don't think he know he was conveying this stuff for me, but I definitely appreciate it.

    Did Ellen say she was proud for conveying the important letter to me.

    Convey to me whatever you wish, just as long as it is more important than this evening meal of which I am about to partake.

    For conveying to me this letter, I will grant you three wishes.

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