I am in the office vs I am at the office

A complete search of the internet has found these results:
I am in the office is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

Both of these phrases have the same meaning and usage. Popularity of the phrases may depend on region or local idiom.

  • Examples of “I am in the office” on the Internet

    3,340,000 results on the web

    In the first sentence 'I am in the office' suggests that the speaker is working in the room of the office . In this situation the preposition ' in' ...

    I am in the office now. It means the same thing, and I suppose it is a personal preference on how it is said. lfeat ...

    While** I am in the office** if elected, I will accomplish 3 things. First, I will work as a representative through which students can voice their concerns and...

    And when I am in the office, I'll continue to collaborate with people virtually, as well as across the desk. Everyone on my team will likely ...

    Today I am in the office. This is my favourite environment to work as I am with the team! Can you see my little helper relaxing in bed?

    I am in the office, I was in the office. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, ...

    Why am I asked to verify my identity so many times when I am in the office? A. We may ask you to verify your name, social security number and birth date during ...

    She adds: "I'm more productive when I am in the office because it's more of a professional environment and you get to see people."

  • Examples of “I am at the office” on the Internet

    1,488,700 results on the web

    When I am at the office in Berlin or Münster, we often go out to eat somewhere. But sometimes we also bring something from home.

    As is the case when I am at the office, when required you may access my medical colleagues and all of the other members and services of the Amherstburg ...

    If** I am at the office**, I tend to work later, until 6:30 or 7 and don't do anything other than monitor emails later in the evening.

    I listen to music when I am at the office late at night or on weekends, as I need a little white noise / distraction or I get crazy.

    I am very productive when I am at the office.

    Used by 35% of remote workers. “I work hard when** I am at the office** and point out to colleagues and my boss when I do things such as ...

    When I am at the office I normally start by checking and answering my e-mails, I review book proposals that have come in and forward them to ...

    I always try to stay technology free until I am at the office that is why I am a post it lover: in less than 5 minutes I am now able to ...

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