Which is better vs Which one is better

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Which is better is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"Which is better" and "Which one is better" have the same meaning and usage when used as relative phrase. "Which one is better?" is more common as a complete question, but "Which is better" is used more frequently in sentences.

  • Examples of “Which is better” on the Internet

    22,000,000 results on the web

    I'm going to read the horoscope, which is better.

    Platinum even, which is better than gold.

    Which is better, do you know?

    It was not the ideal proposal - Europe would have liked more - but it creates a new body which is better than the one we have at the moment.

    It's up to them to decide which is better.

    So which is better, the north or the south of Thailand?

    This dog interacts only with other dogs, which is better than interacting with children.

    We have established the benchmark and we have protected it, which is better than a directive merely laying down transparency procedures such as that which exists in the United States.

    The budgetary position in 2008 as estimated in the programme, which is better than the starting position of the previous programme, contributes to offsetting the projected long-term budgetary impact of an ageing population but is not sufficient to fully cover future spending pressures.

    Which is better to treat bruises, powder or ointment?

    I prefer history to science, which is clearly better in many respects.

    I use organic cleaning supplues, which is better than dousing it with anti-bacterials or harsh cleansers that many, many organisms are now becoming drug resistant.

    There is a company called Sharklet Technologies that's now putting this on the surfaces in hospitals to keep bacteria from landing, which is better than dousing it with anti-bacterials or harsh cleansers that many, many organisms are now becoming drug resistant.

    Which is better for our house?

  • Examples of “Which on is better” on the Internet

    12,884,993 results on the web

    Just tell me which one is better!

    Which one is better?

    Charles could try them and tell us which one is better.

    I see. So, I need to figure out which one is better for me.

    He has no exact idea about which one is better to use on your body.

    Which one is better, the red or blue vase?

    Could you tell me which one is better in your opinion?

    Which is better for our house--carpet or wood floors?

    Which one of these products is better at cleaning glass?

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