scheduling conflict vs schedule conflict

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How do these phrases differ?

"Scheduling conflict" and "schedule conflict" have the same meaning and usage. They may be used more or less often depending on region and vernacular.

  • Examples of “scheduling conflict” on the Internet

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    But unfortunately, he had a scheduling conflict.

    Yes, there was a scheduling conflict.

    This isn't a scheduling conflict.

    Yes, I was and I had to, unfortunately, pass because of a scheduling conflict.

    March and I had a scheduling conflict, but fortunately, the Christmas cover was twins.

    Dear Mr. Deeks. Due to a scheduling conflict, we've reassigned your case.

    He has a scheduling conflict.

    So a couple of years ago, I was supposed to go on an oceanographic cruise and I couldn't go because of a scheduling conflict.

    We have a scheduling conflict this week.

    During the scheduling conflict resolution process referred to in Article 20, when the infrastructure manager encounters conflicts between different requests he shall attempt, through coordination of the requests, to ensure the best possible matching of all requirements.

    Scheduling conflicts can arise between applications for new framework agreements and existing framework agreements or between train paths requested pursuant to a framework agreement and train paths requested outside a framework agreement under the annual scheduling.

  • Examples of “schedule conflict” on the Internet

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    It turns out, my work schedule conflicts with your party.

    Cheerleading** conflicts** with my fencing schedule, my violin lessons and French Club.

    If any of you have any schedule conflicts with your class, let me know.

    How would that conflict with your fiancé's schedule?

    If you have a schedule conflict and would like to attend, you'll have to rearrange your schedule.

    Failed to add item, because it conflicts with another item on the schedule.

    There is a schedule conflict with another item, so we cannot change it.

    Finally, this schedule conflicts with the Polish authorities' assertion that SSN has been regularly paying its public-law liabilities since 1 May 2004 and has not benefited from deferrals and repayment schedules in respect of these liabilities.

    This item could not be added to all selected days, because there is a schedule conflict then.

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