truer vs more true

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How do these phrases differ?

"truer" and "more true" have the same meaning. They can both be used as either a stand-alone adjective or to compare the relative truth of multiple statements.

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    What I represent is the fact that anyone in America can overcome their identity limitations and be truer to themselves. Atheist Ex-Pastor Jerry DeWitt's Mission to ...

    Word forms: truer or , truest. not false, fictional, or illusory; factual or factually accurate; conforming with reality; (prenominal) being of real or natural origin; ...

    adj, truer or truest. 1. not false, fictional, or illusory; factual or factually accurate; conforming with reality. 2. (prenominal) being of real or natural origin; genuine; ...

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    We only know they are truer because we are so much nearer the truth than they had the opportunity to come.

    truer facts have never been spoken

    Definition of SOMEONE NEVER SAID A TRUER WORD (phrase): saying that you agree completely with someone.


    The core of my theory is that some sentences involving vague terms are truer.

    There is no truer statement than that a man is more than the sum of his deeds.

    You've never said anything truer than this.

  • Examples of “more true” on the Internet

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    Use more true in a sentence. Adjective. comparative form of true: more true. English Wiktionary.

    **more true": agreeing with the facts : not false. a true description/statement. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.

    I agree with Quasiperfect in choosing more accurate over more true.

    26 Statements That Get More True The Longer You Think About Them.

    “More true” is grammatically correct, but since truth is truth - just as correct is correct, it's not needed. 1.7K views · Answer requested by.

    More True Stories Student Book with Essential Online Resources Level 3, Silver Edition (Paperback, 4)

    And this statement could not be more true when it comes to selling on eBay.

    We need language to make sense of this world, and academics should try to provide some of this language. This is even more true since ..

    She is a more true person than most in her class.

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