we placed the order vs we made the order

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we made the order is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"placed the order" is slightly more formal when referring to placing an order for goods or services.

  • Examples of “we made the order” on the Internet

    3,800,000 results on the web

    The prices were competitive and the team were very helpful when we made the order. The food was well-packaged, was nicely presented and ready for collection.

    After hearing the parties on 19 November 2021, we **made the order **set out above and indicated that reasons for the order would follow.

    So we are now nearly 7 months since we made the order, we have visited and phoned the store numerous times and had outright lies told to us.

    We made the order all at one and to our surprise received EVERYTHING in one go - soup, starters and main course, and that too within 15 mins.

    Their support is basically non-existent and in zero coordination with the store. What an experience. It has been over a month since we made the order.

    We made the order under section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 on the basis of us having discovered evidence.

    For these reasons, we made the order setting aside both the interdict and the declaratory order. It was in view of the foregoing that the court made.

    The prices were competitive and the team were very helpful when we made the order. The food was well-packaged, was nicely presented and ready for collection

    We made the order and three houses were served immediately.

  • Examples of “we placed the order” on the Internet

    269,000 results on the web

    We placed the order at 6:00 pm, so the meal should be ready by 6:30 pm.

    After much deliberation about what we wanted to eat, we placed the order.

    We checked our budget for office supplies, and after confirming that we had enough money to pay for everything we wanted, we placed the order.

    We placed the order on May 1st, so we’re hoping that it arrives by May 7th at the latest.

    We placed the order for our new furniture four months ago, and it still isn’t ready.

    We weren’t sure whether we wanted to buy all those clothes, but after seeing that shipping was free if you spent over $50, we placed the order.

    The sale was set to end today, so we placed the order just in time.

    We placed the order for a new TV.

    We placed the order early so we could get it on time.

    The new washing machine came in four weeks after we placed the order.

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