answer key vs key answer

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How do these phrases differ?

An "answer key" is a list of the correct answers to a series of questions or a quiz. A "key answer" is an important/critical answer among some answers.

  • Examples of “answer key” on the Internet

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    Use the answer key to check whethere your responses are correct.

    Professor, do you have an answer key for this test?

    Please do not look at the answer key until after the exam is over.

    Where is the answer key for this math homework?

    If you look at the answer key, you will see that most of your answers are correct, but you just missed #4 and #7.

    Do you have an answer key?

    There is not objective answer key to life's most important questions.

    I've never seen an answer key with so many details included!

    Answer keys are useful in helping students understand why they got the wrong answer to test questions.

  • Examples of “key answer” on the Internet

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    A key answer is an answer that is key. That is, it's the most important of several possible answers to a question.

    He told me his name, age, shoe size, star sign…everything. But the key answer was that he had his own shiny BMX.

    Questions have emerged over key answers on the declaration form as a competitor voices opposition to the star's Australian Open application.

    Some of the key answers went right over her head.

    The key answers are usually just “yes” or “no”.

    The answers which the paper-setter supplies to the University as the correct answers are called the 'key answers'.

    Key answers to some of life’s biggest questions are so simple.

    The key answer would be “the 8:15 to Basingstoke is 10 minutes late”…. Jimmy, we can make it if we run.

    The actual amount of money he has is the key answer I was seeking.

    The key answer is “red”.

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