We cannot find vs We cannot found

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We cannot find is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"We cannot find" means that you are unable to locate something. "We cannot found" is NOT the past tense of this phrase. Instead, "found" means establish, so this means "We cannot establish (something)."

  • Examples of “We cannot find” on the Internet

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    There are certain documents that, up to this day, we cannot find, search as we may.

    We are a continent that is sending USD 2 billion worth of weapons to drought-stricken Ethiopia and we cannot find a couple of helicopters to send urgently to save people drowning in Mozambique.

    Everyone knows that we cannot find a solution within a week.

    Vera, I admire your spirit, but we cannot find the next Horseman without Joshua's vision.

    Like I said, we are ready to authorize that payment to you, but we cannot find a Manford listed.

    We are trying to authorize payment of your paycheck to you. It's from a Mr. Manford via Brent Wilts, but we cannot find a Manford in our system.

    At the same time, it is also clear that we cannot find a silver bullet and there is no silver bullet.

    Why we cannot find the will to transfer a proportion of that money to secure peace on our continent by rebuilding civil society in former Yugoslavia?

    We cannot find answers within orthodox Islamic thinking.

  • Examples of “We cannot found” on the Internet

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    We cannot found a business with no money at all in our pockets.

    The Founding Fathers of the United States know that they could not found a democratic country on a theocracy.

    We cannot found this institution unless we get enough signatures.

    Is there any kind of organization or program we cannot found in this city?

    Is there a restaurant in the state this man cannot found?

    She has founded several non-profit organizations.

    You cannot found a new city in the desert with no resources.

    The group could not found any more institutions to help their citizens.

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