I am confused vs I am confusing

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I am confused is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"I am confused" is used when you don't understand something fully. "I am confusing" means that what you are saying or doing is confusing to other people.

  • Examples of “I am confused” on the Internet

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    How do you say “I am confused” in French?

    I am confused about your instructions.

    I want to tell my professor that I am confused about the material, but I’m worried that she’ll think I’m stupid.

    I am confused because you previously said that you were available on Friday, and now you’re saying that you’re busy that day.

    I am confused; can you please explain it to me again?

    First of all, I am confused about the work schedule.

    I am confused about when I am supposed to take my medication.

    I am confused about how to approach this project.

    Is it bad that I am confused about this?

    I am confused now; you said that you didn’t support this motion, but you have now expressed your intention to vote in favour of it.

    I am confused about how these things are related.

    The plans have changed so many times that I am confused about when and where we’re meeting up.

  • Examples of “I am confusing” on the Internet

    136,000 results on the web

    Sorry if I am confusing you.

    I am confusing myself by overthinking this.

    I am confusing this term with this other similar term.

    I need help with this equation; I am confusing myself trying to solve it.

    People say that I am confusing because I don’t speak my mind very often.

    My brother said that I am confusing him because my method of solving equations is different from the one his teacher taught him.

    Apologies: I am confusing Taylor with Tyler.

    After explaining how to solve the problem, my friend said, “Sorry if I am confusing you.”

    I am confusing the dates of our Mexico trip with the dates of our Europe trip.

    I am confusing my anxious thoughts with facts.

    I didn’t understand the lesson, and I am confusing myself by trying to figure out what the teacher meant.

    I am confusing--my friends say they never know what I truly want.

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