I am confused vs I am confusing

I am confused 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"I am confused" 常用在对某件事情感到困惑。而 "I am confusing" 意指话者的话或是做的行为令人困惑,请参考下方的例句以更全面了解这个用法。如果是想表达感到困惑请使用 "I am confused" 。

  • I am confused的例句


    How do you say “I am confused” in French?

    I am confused about your instructions.

    I want to tell my professor that I am confused about the material, but I’m worried that she’ll think I’m stupid.

    I am confused because you previously said that you were available on Friday, and now you’re saying that you’re busy that day.

    I am confused; can you please explain it to me again?

    First of all, I am confused about the work schedule.

    I am confused about when I am supposed to take my medication.

    I am confused about how to approach this project.

    Is it bad that I am confused about this?

    I am confused now; you said that you didn’t support this motion, but you have now expressed your intention to vote in favour of it.

    I am confused about how these things are related.

    The plans have changed so many times that I am confused about when and where we’re meeting up.

  • I am confusing的例句


    Sorry if I am confusing you.

    I am confusing myself by overthinking this.

    I am confusing this term with this other similar term.

    I need help with this equation; I am confusing myself trying to solve it.

    People say that I am confusing because I don’t speak my mind very often.

    My brother said that I am confusing him because my method of solving equations is different from the one his teacher taught him.

    Apologies: I am confusing Taylor with Tyler.

    After explaining how to solve the problem, my friend said, “Sorry if I am confusing you.”

    I am confusing the dates of our Mexico trip with the dates of our Europe trip.

    I am confusing my anxious thoughts with facts.

    I didn’t understand the lesson, and I am confusing myself by trying to figure out what the teacher meant.

    I am confusing--my friends say they never know what I truly want.

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