Where do you live vs Where do you reside

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Where do you live is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

Both phrases have the same meaning. "Where do you live?" is much more common. "Where do you reside?" is a more formal question.

  • Examples of “Where do you live” on the Internet

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    Where do you live now?

    In this lesson, you'll learn how to ask and answer "Where do you live?"

    Where do you live—in a house, apartment, or condo?

    He asked me, “Where do you live?”

    Where do you live, and do you like the area?

    Where do you live? How big is the place where you live? Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town? Why?

    Where do you live, and how much money do you make?

    The first thing she asked was “where do you live?”

    Where do you live? ... Do you live in Germany or abroad? In the country or in the city? Using these terms and expressions, you can describe your place of residence.

    I did not want to answer when he asked, “Where do you live?”

    Where do you live, and with whom?

    But to answer your question, "Where do you live?" is correct grammar.

    Where do you live, and how much is your rent?

    I am wondering, where do you live?

    In this lesson, you'll learn the question Where do you live?

    Where do you live when you are not traveling?

    Where do you live for most of the year?

  • Examples of “Where do you reside” on the Internet

    2,000,922 results on the web

    The official form asks, “Where do you reside?”

    To answer, “Where do you reside?” you should include the exact address.

    I thought he was pretentious when he asked, “Where do you reside?”

    Where do you live?” is more natural than “Where do you reside?”

    It is more formal to ask, “Where do you reside?”

    Where do you reside? That question sounds formal. Where do you live? That question is normally asked if we want to know one's place of residence.

    Where do you currently reside?

    Where do you reside, and with whom?

    However, when someone is confused, I do rephrase: “Where do you reside?” It happens that the Latin root “residere” means “sit down, settle”.

    What does May I ask where do you reside in Faridabad? mean?

    Where do you reside in the game right now and why? I live in the town of Chesterwark because in my playthrough it has all the shops.

    The document includes the question, “Where do you reside?”

    She asked, “Where do you reside?”

    How do you answer Where do you reside? This question means "what is your exact address, right now, today?”

    The accountant asked, “Where do you reside?” when completing my taxes.

    Where Do You Reside? Canada imposes income tax based on residency as opposed to citizenship.

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