subsection vs sub-section

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subsection is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

These terms have the same usage and meaning. "subection" (without a hyphen) is much more common than "sub-section" (with a hyphen).

  • Examples of “subsection” on the Internet

    34,400,000 results on the web

    Caretaker number 345/12 subsection 3 reporting.

    This subsection shall not apply where the raw material is milk only.

    Illinois Court ruling 1.6 subsection C.

    the persons mentioned in subsection 2; and

    Politics and government in red with a subsection on royalty and dictators.

    This is basic stuff... Article 7, subsection 202 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

    Page 21, subsection D, paragraph 12.

    Chief! Yes, Caretaker number 345/12 subsection 3.

    Now don't panic, Caretaker number 345/12 subsection 3.

    This feature is dealt with at greater length in the next subsection.

    The whole of subsection 3.3 of Annex II applies.

    A better reflection of the content of the subsection.

    The whole of subsection 3.1.2 of Annex II applies.

    The whole of the subsection 2.2 of Annex II applies.

  • Examples of “sub-section” on the Internet

    4,860,000 results on the web

    Section 4300, sub-section 3: decontamination.

    The conditions set out in this sub-section for acquiring originating status shall be fulfilled in the beneficiary country concerned.

    In sub-section A.1 the entry for E 160b is replaced by the following:

    Chapter IV, Section 1, sub-section 2, L214-28 to L214-32

    Assignment of dangerous goods to a class and a packing group is made according to the criteria mentioned in the same sub-section 2.2.x.1.

    Test methods for determining the flammability of organic peroxides are set out in the Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 32.4.

    The key information identified from the endpoints in each sub-section (2-12) is summarised, evaluated and a draft risk assessment is performed.

    All sections with the same sub-section make up a section class.

    In that context the Council agreed to all the commitment appropriations proposed by the Commission for sub-section B6, namely ECU 3,450m, an increase of 8.4 % over 1996.

    The dangerous goods covered by the heading of a class are defined on the basis of their properties according to sub-section 2.2.x.1 of the relevant class.

    Assignment of dangerous goods to a class and a packing group is made according to the criteria mentioned in the same sub-section 2.2.x..

    To this end, it would use a 'reception' line under the current sub-section B4, which covers energy, the monitoring of nuclear safety and the environment.

    [4] See sub-section 2.1.1 of the annexed Commission Staff Working Document

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