I have spoken with vs I had spoken with

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I have spoken with is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

These are two different tenses of the same verb phrase. "I have spoken with" means you spoke with someone in the past. "I had spoken with" means you spoke with someone before an additional event in the past.

  • Examples of “I have spoken with” on the Internet

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    Sgt. Anders, I have spoken with your superior officer in Costanza.

    I have spoken with many shamed penitents tonight, child.

    Yes. I have spoken with her about the matter and she gave me her serious objections.

    I have spoken with Signor Visconti regarding the new wine cellar.

    I have spoken with Imperatori in more detail.

    I have spoken with the tribal leaders on Felucia.

    I have spoken with him and others is over, will not happen to you.

    I have spoken with many works councils - also within my constituency.

    So, Julia, I have spoken with the ethics committee.

    Did she tell you that I have spoken with her father about this semester's grades?

  • Examples of “I had spoken with” on the Internet

    121,300 results on the web

    By the time I had spoken with Z I had realized that, [...] because of the shift that had just happened, I now had the power to. [...] activate the special Vortex web, ...

    Oct 23, 2015 ... "I was impressed with Todd as soon as I had spoken with him. He was immediately responsive to my inquiries about the properties that I was ...

    But as I went more and more about the country I learned that I had spoken with assurance on a subject I knew little about... I learned that the power to rise in the ...

    1 day ago ... I started to notice that I was running out of steam quicker than I had been before. I had spoken with John about how I was feeling and he agreed to come and see me.

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