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8 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of content writing demands fresh, original text, which makes the role of online paraphrasing tools more crucial than ever. Whether you're a student, a professional writer, or just looking to refine your content, the latest suite of paraphraser tools offers powerful features to enhance your writing. From simple sentence restructuring to complex paragraph rewrites, these rewriting tools ensure your text is not only unique but also engaging. In this roundup, we explore the eight best paraphrasing tools available online in 2024, each promising to take your writing to the next level.

What are AI paraphrasing tools?

AI paraphrasing tools are advanced software applications that use artificial intelligence to reword, restructure, or completely rewrite text to ensure originality and improve clarity. These online paraphrasers are designed to help users avoid plagiarism while enhancing the overall readability and quality of their content.

By employing algorithms that understand context and semantics, the best AI tools for paraphrasing can generate alternatives that maintain the original meaning but with different phrasing. They are useful for students, researchers, content creators, and marketing professionals who need to produce unique content regularly or want to refine their drafts to ensure clear and effective communication.

How we ranked the best AI paraphrasing tools

All of the online paraphrasing tools in this list are excellent at rephrasing in their own right. However, some tools are more adept at rephrasing certain kinds of writing, while others have the ability to paraphrase almost any kind of writing. To rank the best paraphrasers of 2024, we focused on several key criteria:

  • Language accuracy is the most important factor to consider; the best paraphrasing tools retain the original meaning of a text without altering any factual details.
  • Ease of use is also critical because AI tools should be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that require minimal learning curve for new users.
  • Richness of features is another important factor, where tools are evaluated based on additional functionalities like multilingual support, integration capabilities with other software, and the inclusion of grammar and style checks.

These factors helped create a list of the very best online paraphrasing tools currently available. However, LLM (large language model) technology is making accurate and human-sounding paraphrasing increasingly available, so even free paraphrasing tools will continue to improve, and therefore this list should only increase in length in the future.

Best AI Paraphrasing Tools in 2024

1. Wordvice AI Paraphraser–best paraphrasing tool for academic and admissions essays

Wordvice AI online paraphrasing tools example

The Wordvice AI Paraphraser stands out as one of the best paraphrasing tools for academic and admissions essays due to its sophisticated features tailored to maintain the integrity and sophistication of scholarly content. It is included in the suite of AI writing assistant tools, which was created to help researchers, students, authors, and professionals polish their writing. The AI Paraphraser offers multiple paraphrasing modes, allowing users to select from fluent, academic, professional (formal or friendly), or creative paraphrasing, depending on the level of originality and complexity needed. Its ease of use is highlighted by a user-friendly interface that simplifies the paraphrasing process without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Like the professional proofreading services it has long been known for (including academic editing and admissions editing), accuracy is also a cornerstone of the Wordvice AI Paraphraser, ensuring that even with significant text transformations, the factual accuracy and original intent of the content are preserved. This is especially critical in academic settings where precision of information is necessary. The tool's ability to retain the original meaning while altering the phrasing makes it an invaluable asset for students and professionals, and the best paraphrasing tool to avoid plagiarism and create high-quality essays that reflect a clear understanding of the subject matter.

Price: Free (Basic) ; From $9.95/mo (Premium)

2. Jasper AI–paraphrasing software for content and copywriters

Jasper AI is known as one of the top paraphrasing tools for content and copywriters, praised for its blend of innovation and user-focused design. It offers various paraphrasing modes that cater to different writing needs—from light tweaks that adjust a few words to complete rewrites that transform the entire structure of the text. This versatility makes it ideal for creating engaging content across various platforms and formats.

The software's interface is quite user-friendly, allowing writers of all skill levels to navigate its features effortlessly and integrate its functionalities into their daily workflows seamlessly. Natural phrasing is another hallmark of Jasper AI, and paraphrases not only remain true to the original content's meaning and context, but also capture expressions often used in copy in a realistic way. This precision is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the message while enabling writers to produce original, plagiarism-free content that resonates with their audience and adheres to the highest standards of professional copywriting.

Price: $39/mo (Creator) ; $59/mo (Pro)

3. QuillBot–free paraphrasing software for any user

Quillbot Paraphraser is highly regarded as one of the best paraphrasing tools online for free. It is suitable for a wide array of users including students, professionals, and casual writers. This tool has been popularized in part for being one of the first paraphrasers to offer multiple paraphrasing modes, which provide users with options ranging from "Standard" for basic rephrasing, to "Fluency" for smoother results, and "Creative" mode for more complex and stylistic transformations. Its user-friendly interface is a key feature, making it accessible and easy to use for individuals with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Quillbot ensures high accuracy and effectively retains the original meaning of the text, even as it makes significant alterations to the structure and vocabulary. This capability is essential for maintaining the essence of the original message while ensuring the new text is unique and engaging. As one of the few free paraphrasing tools in this list, its combination of useful and intuitive features makes Quillbot an exceptional tool for anyone looking to enhance their writing while preserving content integrity.

Price: Free ; From $8.33 (Premium)

4. Paraphrasing.io–free rephrasing for all kinds of text

Paraphraser.io is a solid choice for rephrasing, as it remains one of the best online paraphrasing tools and is adept at handling a variety of texts across academic, professional, and creative domains. It excels in language accuracy, employing advanced algorithms that not only change words and phrases but also ensure that the paraphrased text reflects correct usage and grammar. This makes it invaluable for users who need their rewritten content to be both original and linguistically precise.

Paraphraser.io is also designed for ease of use; its intuitive interface allows users to quickly input text and receive paraphrased content with minimal effort, making it accessible to people of all skill levels. Additionally, Paraphraser.io boasts a wealth of features, including multiple paraphrasing modes to suit different stylistic needs, a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure originality, and compatibility with several languages, further establishing its versatility and effectiveness as a comprehensive tool for diverse paraphrasing needs.

Price: Free (Basic) ; From $7/mo (Monthly Premium)

Grammarly’s paraphraser stands out as one of the best paraphrasers for rewriting text with precision and flexibility. Renowned for its accuracy and user features, Grammarly ensures that the paraphrased content maintains the original meaning while enhancing clarity and readability. Multiple paraphrasing modes allow users to choose between simple rephrasings that tweak the original text slightly and more creative options that extensively alter the sentence structure and vocabulary. Such versatility makes it ideal for a range of needs, from academic writing to content creation.

Moreover, Grammarly's depth of features extends beyond mere text revision. It integrates seamlessly with grammar and plagiarism checks, providing an all-in-one solution that boosts both the quality and originality of your writing. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy even for beginners to navigate and utilize effectively. This combination of high-level accuracy, varied paraphrasing options, and comprehensive writing enhancement tools rightfully earns Grammarly a spot among the best paraphrasing tools available online.

Price: Free (Basic) ; From $12/mo (Premium)

6. Hypotenuse AI–paraphrasing and writing tool

Hypotenuse AI's paraphraser is perhaps the best rewording tool in the second half of this list for SEO content, with exceptional language accuracy that ensures the essence of your original text is preserved while introducing a fresh tone and style. Like other AI paraphrasers in this list, Hypotenuse offers several paraphrasing modes to cater to different kinds of texts. Users can opt for light tweaks that refine the text subtly or engage more comprehensive transformations that significantly change the phrasing and terminology, catering to diverse rewriting needs.

The tool's robust feature set extends to integrating AI-driven suggestions for style and tone adjustments, making it not just a paraphraser but a sophisticated writing assistant. It has tools for paraphrasing text for social media, ads, and SEO content. This makes it especially valuable for content creators looking to tailor their language to specific audiences or objectives. Hypotenuse AI also has an especially useful and eye-catching user-friendly interface, making rewriting content more interesting. Although it is a bit pricier than some other tools in this list, with these capabilities, Hypotenuse AI earns its place among the best online paraphrasing tools available.

Price: From $29/mo for 50,000 words (Individual)

7. Wordtune–one of the best new rephrasing tools

In addition to its summarizer and AI writing tools, Wordtune’s paraphrasing feature has become well known among copywriters and other writing professionals for its adeptness and creating strong ad copy and SEO content. It is fairly precise in retaining the accuracy of the original language while creating original rephrased content. Its standout feature is its ability to understand the context of the text, ensuring that the paraphrased output feels natural and coherent. Wordtune offers a range of paraphrasing modes, from slight modifications that keep the text close to the original (casual/formal), to complete rewrites that transform both structure and vocabulary (shorten/expand), catering to a multitude of rewriting needs.

One of the notable features of Wordtune is its real-time synonym suggestions, which not only enhance the quality of the text but also educate users on vocabulary diversity. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, expanding its usefulness to a broader audience. The sleek and user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience, making complex editing tasks straightforward. With these comprehensive features, as well as its steller customer service, Wordtune establishes itself as one of the most effective and versatile paraphraser tools of the past couple of years.

Price: Free (Basic) ; From $6.99/mo (Advanced)

8. Writesonic–AI rewriter with built-in SEO tools

Writesonic's paraphrasing tool is among the best paraphrasing websites due to its precision in language accuracy and its adeptness at tailoring content to fit various contexts without distorting the original meaning. This tool presents users with several paraphrasing options, ranging from minor edits that subtly enhance readability to more aggressive rewrites that thoroughly overhaul style and vocabulary.

An impressive aspect of Writesonic is its AI SEO toolkit, which helps writers compose their content to improve in search engine rankings, all while maintaining readability and engaging quality. This feature is particularly beneficial for digital marketers and bloggers eager to increase their online presence. Wordsonic also offers a proprietary AI chatbot that is useful for customer service and other speaking and writing automation needs.

Furthermore, Writesonic offers a user-friendly interface and supports multiple languages, broadening its appeal to a global audience. The tool also includes features like tone adjustment and style guides, making it a comprehensive paraphrasing solution for anyone looking to boost the quality and impact of their writing.

Price: Free (Basic) ; From$12/mo (Chatsonic)

Best Online Paraphrasing Tools–Runners Up

Justdone–comprehensive editing and rephrasing tools

Justdone’s AI Article Rewriter is a reliable choice for those looking to accurately refresh their content. It stands out for its precision in keeping the original content’s meaning intact while introducing a new style and structure. Apply multiple paraphrasing modes that enable anything from minor tweaks for subtlety to complete overhauls for a fresh take, all while ensuring the essence of the original text is preserved.

A unique feature of Justdone's tool is its context-aware capabilities, which adapt the paraphrasing to the content's specific theme and intended audience. This ensures that the rephrased material is not only accurate but also appropriate for its purpose. Moreover, the tool includes features like synonym replacement and sentence restructure recommendations, which help enhance the readability and engagement of the content.

Price: From $24.99/mo (Unlimited Annual Plan)

Semrush–Reword and rephrase your text with AI

Semrush's paraphrasing tool is a standout option for those seeking precision and fidelity in rephrased content. It excels at maintaining the integrity of the original text while subtly enhancing its clarity and readability. Users can choose from multiple paraphrasing modes, which range from light touch-ups to comprehensive overhauls that radically alter sentence structures and vocabulary without straying from the original message.

What sets Semrush apart is its integration with broader SEO and content marketing tools. This includes keyword optimization features, which help ensure that rephrased content is not only accurate but also primed for search engine success. Additionally, the tool's ability to detect tone and style makes it suitable for a variety of content needs, from blog posts to business communications.

With its robust feature set, user-friendly design, and strong focus on content optimization, Semrush provides powerful paraphrasing software that goes beyond simple text transformation to support overall content strategy and visibility.

Price: Free

Choosing the Paraphrasing Tool That Suits Your Needs

Choosing the best paraphrasing tool for the needs depends on your specific task and document at hand. While all the tools reviewed in this article are user-friendly, accurate, and provide a good customer experience, the best choice varies based on your requirements.

If you’re working on an admissions essay, you might prefer a tool that offers advanced language refinement and tone adjustments. For research papers, accuracy and the ability to handle complex academic language are crucial. For professional documents, look for tools that maintain a formal tone and ensure clarity. Evaluate the features of each tool in relation to your specific needs to make the best choice for your writing tasks to get the best results from your AI paraphraser.