start time vs starting time

一番よく使われている表現はstart timeです。



  • start time


    The conference start time gets pushed back half an hour.

    Activity pictogram, start time, duration.

    Sets the start time for this to-do.

    Make appointments: Node start time is not valid

    The early harvest than the traditional start time (November) is also one of the reasons why our oil keeps for a long time its organoleptic properties.

    Drag start time and Drag start distance

    The start time defines when the period began.

    You can change this task's comment, start time and end time.

    Recommended start time of the program:

    On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday your work start time will be 7am and finish at 5 pm.

    When is the start time for this presentation? I was told that it would be around 7:00PM.

    I wish we had a later start time--5:00AM is far too early to be awake.

  • starting time


    Starting time (as X, X seconds);

    The starting time of validity for a status type.

    The starting time is 11:34 pm.

    If he wants to be entitled to settle starting time.

    You will take your orders from Sergeant Major Buell as to starting time, disposition of marching order, camp sites, etcetera.

    The invitation starting time has been changed from %1 to %2

    Here you can set the starting time of the departure list. No earlier departures will be shown.

    As you know, this is the usual starting time for "The Tonight Show."

    Starting time is at noon and already...

    Structure is important for girls at this age, and they've always had a strict starting time in the morning.

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