Are you coming with? vs Are you coming with us?

一番よく使われている表現はAre you coming with us?です。


ほとんどの場合、どちらも同じ意味と使い方を持っています。"Are you coming with?"は、話し手が一人でいるか他の人と一緒にいるかを示すものではありません。 "Are you come with us?" は、話し手が他の誰かと一緒にいることを示します。 どちらのフレーズも一般的に使われます。

  • Are you coming with us?


    We’re going to the new Italian restaurant—are you coming with us?

    Are you coming with us to the park?

    Hey Bob, are you coming with us?

    He asked me, “Are you coming with us?”

    After I asked “Are you coming with us?” Jen nodded and got her bag.

    I wanted to ask “Are you coming with us?” but I was too nervous.

    We’re planning to go to Hawaii in May—are you coming with us?

    Are you coming with us to see the new Marvel movie tonight?

    Are you coming with us to the French restaurant or are you going with them to the Mexican restaurant?

    Are you coming with us?” I asked my dog as my friends and I were getting ready to leave my apartment.

    The team captain sent an email asking “Are you coming with us to the tournament this weekend?”

  • Are you coming with?


    I am going to the restaurant tonight around 8:00. Are you coming with?

    Are you coming with or are you staying here?

    We will have drinks after work. Bill asked me whether you are coming with.

    There is a big festival a few of us are attending this weekend in the city. Are you coming with?

    Are you coming with the rest of us, or are you staying at home?

    One thing I forgot to ask you on Friday, are you coming with the team or taking your own car to the tournament?

    Is he coming with or staying here?

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