moving forward vs going forward

一番よく使われている表現はmoving forwardです。



  • moving forward


    Today is about celebrating her and moving forward.

    Look, the important thing is that you're always moving forward.

    I'm moving forward with Mine.

    You know, we actually have a couple of griffin projects that are moving forward.

    That's exactly how we make choices--by moving forward.

    Davenport won't risk moving forward if there's an outsider who knows about this.

    Feels like both our lives are really moving forward.

    I was hoping, moving forward, things could be different.

    No, he's moving forward, and quickly.

    Okay, the campaign staff search is moving forward.

    Moving forward, I think we need to have a better plan for these tasks.

    Moving forward, you are no longer allowed on the computer in the evening, son.

  • going forward


    There are a few stipulations, though, going forward.

    Then, we have no choice other than going forward with our original strategy.

    We got to be really careful going forward.

    We're going forward with renewables.

    There's a lot of good opportunities, going forward.

    That's what we have to contemplate going forward.

    I want there to be... a consensus going forward.

    Yet, subconsciously, you seem to be resisting going forward.

    And that civil lawsuit is still going forward, right?

    I'll continue to ask for your help going forward.

    Going forward, this new law will prevent such things from taking place.

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