wait in line vs wait on line

一番よく使われている表現はwait in lineです。


"Wait in line"はアメリカでよく使われる表現で "wait on line"はイギリスで使われます。この2つとも列に並ぶという意味です。

  • wait in line


    I went to the station to try to meet you from the train, but I was late because I had to wait in line for 20 minutes just to get in.

    The sign says "Wait in line."

    I don't know why, but we all had to wait in line for a stupid $1 donut.

    I hate it when I wait in line, especially if the person in front of me has smelly hair!

    If the customers wait in line for more than 10 minutes, they will think our product is more valuable.

    When winter comes, it is far worse to wait in line outside. In the summertime, I don't mind it so much (apart from the mosquitoes)

    While we wait in line, thieves and brigands skip ahead gleefully, little knowing that they were skipping to their deaths.

    Why would I bother to wait in line for something I don't even like?

    "You'll just have to wait in line like the rest of us."

    The president of the company had to wait in line like everyone else, and she wasn't too happy about it.

    Sir, would you please mind waiting in line for the tickets here? Thank you.

  • wait on line


    I'll wait on line all day if I have to...

    When I told you to "get me some coffee" I didn't expect that you would have to wait on line for more than 10 minutes. Sorry about that.

    You'll just have to wait on a long line if you want tickets.

    Customers always wait on line for the most expensive products, and the do so happily.

    "Wait on line, you little monsters!"

    Here's the queue, buddy. Please wait on line like everyone else has to.

    Hey, Yohannsen. If you want to kill me, you'd better join the rest and wait on line. There're bigger fish than you trying to take me down.

    The sign just says "Wait on line": it doesn't say for how long.

    If I wanted to wait on line just for conversations, I'd expect friends who are more interesting.

    I actually like to wait on line...

    I truly hate to wait on line when I'm in a rush.

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