I watch news vs I watch the news

A complete search of the internet has found these results:
I watch the news is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"I watch the news" is a more common phrase and complete expression. "I watch news" is less common and is usually followed by a prepositional phrase such as "about sports and politics."

  • Examples of “I watch the news” on the Internet

    12,493,002 results on the web

    Every morning I wake up and head straight for the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee. Then I watch the news, no matter what else is happening in my life.

    Recently, when I watch the news, I start to feel a little pit in my stomach and I have to take a rest.

    Yes, it's a professional interest...sometimes, I don't have time to read the papers and so I watch the news.

    F6 Man: “I watch the news all the time, I like the news, current affairs and all that.” F6 Woman: “I don't like it so much.”

    Are you surprised by this? Really? I watch the News every night just to hear what the enemy is saying.

    How can I watch the news on my Android tablet? A reader asks Rick Maybury how to watch the news on his Android tablet now that Flash is not available.

    I watch the news and the politicians aren't even taking responsibility. I cannot comprehend what's going on.”

    I watch the news with hopelessness and silent tears. The 'never again' that has been uttered every Remembrance Day for the last 75 years.

    “When he sleeps, I watch the news and we are talking to our parents and relatives.” Duka said he and his husband also feel helpless.

    I watch the news several times a day and I am very worried because I have two homes and many friends there. I will not return until the war is over for good.

    How can I watch the news live on my computer? Luckily, you can still view live television on your computer. You have two options: Plug a TV in or use a streaming service.

  • Examples of “I watch news” on the Internet

    6,940,000 results on the web

    I watch news about sports and politics.

    I am watching news about these darn new gadgets coming out every day.

    When are you more likely to watch news about crime--in the morning or before bed?

    Do you often watch news about local events?

    I watch news programs when I'm at work sometimes.

    Are you watching news stories every day now, or just a couple times a week?

    I watch news of what is happening in foreign countries every single day.

    I watch for news about my favority performers when I get a chance.

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