good ol vs good ole

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good ol' is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

Both of these words are correct and have the same meaning and usage.

  • Examples of “good ol'” on the Internet

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    Good ol' boy is an American slang term that can have both positive and negative ... Collectively these people are referred to using the slang term, good ol' boy ...

    Good Ol' Days. A phrase; Used by old people, when these words are used in combination it is a signal to young people to get the hell out. Ahh yes the Good Ol' days ...

    He originally planned to stay in Atlanta, but he noticed the Northern transplants didn't like his accent, and the "good ol' boy network" was being phased out by ...

    Good Ol' Boy. Kirkland Opening Night | June 1. USA | 2015 | 104 minutes | Frank Lotito. Growing up a 10-year-old boy in '70s suburban America, all Smith wants ...

    "Wish I could turn back time, to the good ol' days." A lyric by Twenty One Pilots.

  • Examples of “good ole” on the Internet

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    Noun, 1. good ole boy - a white male Southerner with an unpretentious convivial manner and conservative or intolerant attitudes and a strong sense of ...

    A good ole boy is not some uneducated young teenager who hunts and fishes and drinks beer!!! They are very down to earth, easy to talk to, and always enjoy a ...

    There are two very different definitions of "good ole boy" here. 1.) A man or older boy from the South, in this case the stereotypical redneck or hick. He especially likes cheap beer and truckin' in the mud.

    How would you define good-ole? I think it usually means something nostalgic in the minds of a Southern person.

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