we are open vs we are opened

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we are open is the most popular phrase on the web.

How do these phrases differ?

"We are open" is a common expression that means a business is currently open for customers. "We are opened" is not as commonly used, but could have different meanings depending on the context.

  • Examples of “we are open” on the Internet

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    Yes, we are open today.

    Our expectations are modest, but we are open and optimistic.

    We have made this policy a major contributor to Plan D, and we are open to working further with you on it.

    We are open to reducing the time gap but it is important to have an agreement with Member States so that they act more or less at the same time in order to avoid these problems of distortion of competition in the internal market.

    Mr President, the fact that the European Parliament is discussing development in relation to the question of migration shows that we are open to the problems of developing countries.

    Here in the European Parliament, we would like to continue to have the grounds and the conviction for declaring that we are open to the European aspirations of the Ukrainians.

    Okay, folks, looks like we are open for business.

    Yet we are open to dialogue, as this is what the millions of inhabitants of our countries want.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are open to dialogue and debate, but can only pass judgment on actions rather than fine speeches.

    She will not be scared off, because we are open and honest with each other about everything.

  • Examples of “we are opened” on the Internet

    7,800,399 results on the web

    Why are we being opened so early again?

    We are opened by the love of other human beings--in our hearts and minds.

    We are opened up to an audit since we didn't file taxes for the last five years!

    When we are opened, we will let you know.

    Do you know when we are opened to cross-examination?

    We were first opened in 1967.

    We are opened whenever the first customers arrive in the morning.

    Did you say we were opened up last Saturday?

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