suit my need vs suit my needs

一番よく使われている表現はsuit my needsです。


“suit my needs”はよく使われる表現です。一方 “suit my need”はあまり使われず1つの目的や必要なことのみを指すことができます。

  • suit my needs


    I am looking for a flexible job that allows me to work from home, which would suit my needs as a new parent.

    The priority package at the hotel will better suit my needs.

    Although I agree with some of the conservative politician’s takes, the liberal platform will better suit my needs.

    I am looking for a programme that will perfectly suit my needs, and I believe that this school’s meets all my requirements.

    Each garment was designed to suit my needs, and the custom detailing was perfect.

    Will this new fridge suit my needs?

    Flexing my hours and work location to suit my needs has allowed me not only to be more productive, but also to get more sleep.

    I have been reading about this and there are so many tools and it is very confusing on which one is the best and which one would suit my needs.

    Whatever your reason for borrowing, they have the loan that will suit your needs.

    My new apartment had plenty of space to suit my needs.

    I chose the exact right printer to suit my needs.

    I have always been suck at budget management. I wanted one customized budget management application that would suit my needs and don't have to play for it.

    She picked an extended healthcare plan to suit her needs.

  • suit my need


    The purchased product just doesn't suit my need for extra space. Can I exchange it for something else?

    Despite being a full-time author, and having hours that suit my need to write, which is not necessarily when the kids are at school, I try not to work manually from time to time.

    If I can catch the error, I can modify the code to suit my specifc need.

    The modules I looked up do not suit my need because I do not want to create 5000 tabs in a separate module and have to scroll down and look myself.

    Over the past 20 years or so I have developed ways of working to suit my need at that particular time - in terms of strategy and context - by using painting as a means of escape.

    Spirits of the Abyss accept me as their own, and I accept them as mine - or twist their immaterial flesh to better suit my need.

    The challenge here is that I need to decide on which tech product or versions to use to suit my need.

    Functionalities buttons do not suit my need.

    I have adapted it slightly to suit my need for sugar free recipes.

    However, deciding on one carrier to suit my need was difficult, and I had to do a lot of thinking and research.

    I plot a lot of data in origin but always have to change the plot pattern to suit my need. Is there a way I could change it?

    I'm using Reverie Jekyll theme, which I've heavily personalized to suit my need and taste.

    HTML-based presentations are popular, and they suit my need for text-based tooling. Other options include Markdown- or ReST-based tools.

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