throughout the year vs through the year

一番よく使われている表現はthroughout the yearです。



  • throughout the year


    We can eat this food througout the year.

    It's fun throughout the entire year!

    Many things have changed throughout the year.

    Throughout the year, the cats grew bigger.

    Throughout the year, this city gets more and more beautiful, until the leaves turn in Autumn.

    Are you available at this location throughout the year?

  • through the year


    Through the year, their relationship seemed to become more tense.

    He saw her through the year and into the next one.

    Through the years, very little has changed in this town.

    Are you going to be in school through the year?

    Through the years, we have become the best of friends.

    Is he just staying in the country through the current year?

    Through the year, one can tell what historical events occurred.

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