in the first row vs at the first row

in the first row 是較常見的用法。


"in the first row"通常是指坐在舞台或其他中心區域前的第一排的人(或動物/物體)。 "at the first row"可以用於不同的上下文或描述某人站在哪裡。

  • in the first row 的例句

    搜尋結果約有 3,800,388 筆

    All those in the first row come from the media.

    Your honor, this man in the first row is a reporter and he's giving questions to counsel.

    We saved you a place in the first row.

    There's one in the first row.

    In Table 2, the heading in the first row of the third column is replaced by:

    In food category 'Dietary foods for babies and young children for special medical purposes as defined in Directive 1999/21/EC', the text in the first row is replaced by the following:

    My mother was in the first row of the women and she signalled to us with her eyes.

    Why is Roberto in the first row? Is he a VIP?

    Drivers in the first row signifying that they're ready to race.

    I can't believe we had to sit in the first row.

  • at the first row 的例句

    搜尋結果約有 400,300 筆

    Standing at the first row, you can see the entire field, including the bases.

    "Hey. Bill! Where are you? I'm standing at the first row next to the hot-dog stand."

    She left her cart at the first row in the department store, but she can't find it now.

    Where is the cheese? It's piled at the first row on your left, next to the milk.

    Are you guys going to be at the first row of the concert when I arrive?

    I want to sit in the third row, but we could meet at the first row.

    At the first row on your right, you will see that we have a brand new shipment of products being shelved.

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