appreciate it vs appreciated it

appreciate it 是較常見的用法。



  • appreciate it 的例句

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    I appreciate it when you could come to my parties.

    Thank you for the gift—I appreciate it.

    I always appreciate it when people say “thank you.”

    She wants to thank everyone for their concern—she really appreciates it.

    We want to thank everyone for coming to our wedding—we really appreciate it.

    He told me that he appreciates it when I ask how his day was.

    I appreciate it when my boyfriend shows interest in my hobbies.

  • appreciated it 的例句

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    I appreciated it when you gave me that advice.

    Thank you for giving my daughter such a nice present—she appreciated it.

    He told me to tell you that he appreciated it when you came to watch his show.

    After I got the job, I sent an email to the woman who served as my reference and told her that I

    appreciated it.

    Though I appreciated it, I didn’t follow your advice.

    He appreciated it when his father came to his football game.

    I said that I appreciated it even though I didn’t like the gift.

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