We cannot find vs We cannot found

We cannot find 是較常見的用法。


"We cannot find" 意味著你無法找到某樣東西。然而,"We cannot found"不是其過去式,"found" 意味著建立,所以這個表達的意思是 "We cannot establish something(我們不能建立某物)"。

  • We cannot find 的例句

    搜尋結果約有 31,329,562 筆

    There are certain documents that, up to this day, we cannot find, search as we may.

    We are a continent that is sending USD 2 billion worth of weapons to drought-stricken Ethiopia and we cannot find a couple of helicopters to send urgently to save people drowning in Mozambique.

    Everyone knows that we cannot find a solution within a week.

    Vera, I admire your spirit, but we cannot find the next Horseman without Joshua's vision.

    Like I said, we are ready to authorize that payment to you, but we cannot find a Manford listed.

    We are trying to authorize payment of your paycheck to you. It's from a Mr. Manford via Brent Wilts, but we cannot find a Manford in our system.

    At the same time, it is also clear that we cannot find a silver bullet and there is no silver bullet.

    Why we cannot find the will to transfer a proportion of that money to secure peace on our continent by rebuilding civil society in former Yugoslavia?

    We cannot find answers within orthodox Islamic thinking.

  • We cannot found 的例句

    搜尋結果約有 293,007 筆

    We cannot found a business with no money at all in our pockets.

    The Founding Fathers of the United States know that they could not found a democratic country on a theocracy.

    We cannot found this institution unless we get enough signatures.

    Is there any kind of organization or program we cannot found in this city?

    Is there a restaurant in the state this man cannot found?

    She has founded several non-profit organizations.

    You cannot found a new city in the desert with no resources.

    The group could not found any more institutions to help their citizens.

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