We have 2 days to go vs We have 2 days left

一番よく使われている表現はWe have 2 days left です。


しかし"We have two days left" は通常、現在の状況があと2日しか残っていない場合に使用されます。
"We have two days to go" は2日後に起こることについて話す時に使える表現です。

  • We have 2 days left


    We have two days left after today, and then we'll go back to work.

    Firstly, "We have two days left." is a perfectly good sentence. I would say that the grammatical role of 'left' is a participle.

    We have two days left to stop a very bad produce and vindicate a guy who's got nowhere else to turn.

    “Now, we have 2 days left at Lake Bogoria. As your punishment, you will spend the next two days collecting flamingo poo with your mother.

    Everyone, we have two days left to settle on one of the hooks.

    Hi! We have two days left on our holidays and looking to make the most of it so what's your prices and ages weight limits ect?

    We have two days left before our staff hits the deck ! Every dollar you donate gives that coach or staff member a Burpee to do!

    It's not too late to go out and canvass – we have two days left to save the country.

    We have two days left to use this fundraising platform, so we would like to ask you for the final time to share our link and donate if you.

    We have 2 days left to see back at our plans. We will go through our post-match meetings.

    We have two days left, if you are able and willing, help us, do some of this and we will add you to the credits.

    Overall it was fun, and I am happy we have two days left. It gets me fired up.

    This is a short and sweet note to remind you that we have two days left to help spread the word and raise money

    If you need some Wi-Fi services, we have two days left this week.

    It's worked well so far, but one of our computers started giving us an error message this morning, telling us that we have two days left to activate the software.

    We have two days left to keep riding aggressively and looking for opportunities to better our already very good position.”

    We have two days left in our fundraiser to help fight pediatric cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

  • We have 2 days to go


    Well, we have 2 days to go until a big migration to SAN and virtualisation and the SAN has not currently arrived.

    We have 2 days to go, Monday. Then we get to spend 36 days in Aruba. This year we have some company but each is only staying a few days.

    We have two days to go in our LES PETITES MORTS campaign, and we have £500 more to raise if we want to reach our stretch goal of £6,000.

    We can't wait to see you all on Sunday! We have 2 days to go until all of this is over, so we’d better make the best of it while we can.

    Well i guess I worded this wrong when people say I'll be back are they are quoting the running man or terminator. Whatever, we have two days to go until I’ll be back.

    Only two days to go, y’all!

    I can’t believe how long we’ve been on holiday. There’s only 2 days to go until we have to get back home.

    We have 2 days to go!! Check this out, with this pledge level you get a limited edition 3D printed hand painted conjoined twins doll designed and made by our in-house team.

    WE HAVE 2 DAYS TO GO!! Kintsugi Hope online starts this Thursday evening.

    We have two days to go from Cologne to Mainz (then Frankfurt) on the Rhine. If you have done this, where would you recommend getting gas.

    We have 2 days to go before race day which also means Rachel will soon be enjoying her first alcoholic drink in 102 days!

    Since we have a few days to go until Twelfth Night, there is time to shoehorn in a festive reference.

    We have a few days to go..... Grab your kit, it comes along with a ticket... everything is set for the run. Let's run for a cause.

    To every one there we have 2 DAYS to GO!

    We have 2 days to go and we are bursting with excitement. Thank you, thank you thank you for registering your children!

    We have 2 days to go and are already super-excited to see you at our PWN Vienna Christmas Party on the 10th December.

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