sync up meeting vs sync-up meeting

一番よく使われている表現はsync-up meetingです。


”sync-up”はハイフン付きの形容詞として使用されているため、”sync-up meeting”の方がより一般的なフレーズです。"sync up meeting"ミーティングは、フレーズの文脈に応じて使用できます。

  • sync-up meeting


    Let’s have a quick sync-up meeting to see where everyone is at.

    My boss always wants to have a sync-up meeting at the start of each week.

    The purpose of this sync-up meeting isn’t just to provide a status report, but to discuss problems and find solutions together.

    The agenda for the sync-up meeting is fairly short.

    How can I make the weekly sync-up meeting more interesting?

    As the administrative assistant, I have to take minutes for the weekly sync-up meeting.

    I find sync-up meetings pretty boring.

    Before sync-up meetings, I try to make a list of what I want to discuss.

    With everyone working remotely, my manager thought it would be a good idea to have sync-up meetings occasionally to see what everyone is working on.

    Our sync-up meetings aren’t very structured, so they sometimes feel like a waste of time.

    Is everyone available for a sync-up meeting at noon?

  • sync up meeting


    Let's sync up for the meeting this Thursday--we are still a bit off on our objectives.

    Gerald, please sync up the meeting before we start at 9:00.

    Sync up meetings by connecting good hardware, such as microphones and HDLR cameras for good audio and video feed.

    Could we please sync up meetings by discussing our agenda in advance?

    Sync up the meeting, Carol.

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