multifaceted vs multi-faceted




  • multifaceted


    And finally—do you ever get mistaken for Amy Sedaris, another blonde with a multifaceted career? Not So Wicked Kara Cutruzzula April 21, 2009.

    Carmela is that rare beast—the modern, multifaceted Mafioso's consort. Mob Wives of Hollywood April 21, 2011.

    Synonyms for multifaceted at

    Define multifaceted: having many different parts : having many facets—usage, synonyms, more.

    ""the play of light on the diamond's multifaceted surface""

    The meaning of MULTIFACETED is having many facets or aspects. How to use multifaceted in a sentence.

    Homelessness is a multifaceted issue, and all strategies should be considered to address this diverse population.

    What started out as a Tumblr slowly metamorphosed into a multifaceted and international producer of magazines, parties, and garments, all of which serve as purposefully low-key signifiers and souvenirs of a global scene.

    The story here is a little more multifaceted and complex, with a number of factors predating Covid-19.

    Cybersecurity is a complex, multifaceted issue with numerous strands.

    Is a big, multifaceted transportation overhaul better than a more incremental approach building on what’s already here?

  • multi-faceted


    The world is a multi-faceted place, and nothing is certain.

    He has a multi-faceted approach to technology and development.

    Are you multi-faceted, or are you just good at one thing?

    What is the definition of multi-faceted?

    There are many multi-faceted students attending your school.

    He is a multi-faceted person and excels at business, painting, and even athletics.

    Are you interested in multi-faceted people, or those who are super into one hobby or activity?

    This country is quite multi-faceted, despite being well known for only a few things.

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