Okay, will do vs Okay, will do accordingly

一番よく使われている表現はOkay, will doです。


この2つの表現は同じ意味を持っていて、作業の実行要求に応じて使用されます。"Okay, will do"はより口語的で一般的に使用されます。

  • Okay, will do


    Okay, will do. This is very effective (in the U.S.) to convey cooperativeness and a positive attitude.

    Btw what you are saying is that i should learn mind controlling so people don't leave… okay, will do, and I’ll post what happens. will do

    The obstetric team haven't responded yet. Can you go and fast-page the obstetric consultant? Midwife: Okay, will do.

    “Send them a sample”. He replied, “Okay, will do. I haven't anything to show them at the minute (they all seem fine), but maybe they'd take a sample anyway or something?”

    Okay will do! I'll try to do a thrower playthrough and after I will collect all banners seems like a challenge.

    Okay, will do - thank you for replying.

    Okay, will do, that makes a good deal of sense. Based on that page it looks like information on projects goes into one overall retrospective analysis.

    Okay will do thank you bye”. In fact, surely everyone already knows they should be grateful. What's the point?

    Okay, will do. Thanks for your help raincoaster.

    Okay will do, do I run it in Builds or where to I paste the commands? Thank you so much.

    Sure thing, Stewie. You want me to move it to another day? I replied, “No, no. Just cancel it.** Okay, will do**.”

    Then we will work from there, okay?” “Will do, Yank.” “Keep your heads down, okay. Wait two minutes until I get a little closer.”

    So we will get Sixty Dollars worth and that will be it.” Dude said, “Then go back to that same place you parked before.” I said, “Okay will do.”

    'Okay, will do.' Oliver finally ends the call and takes a seat at the table. The aroma of Freya's lasagna wafts through the kitchen. 'Well?' I prompt.

    If Horatio's around, pass the word to him, and tell him that I'll pick him up at the hotel, with the van, about an hour before daybreak.” “Okay, will do."

  • Okay, will do accordingly


    Do this following the instructions, mate. He replied, “Okay, will do accordingly. Thanks.”

    “From my perspective as a reviewer I find it more practical to have a change log per patch.” She replied, “Okay. will do accordingly from next time onwards”.

    “Send me the files in the way that you did last year,” they said. I replied, “Okay, will do accordingly. However, I think you have all the files already - just missed uploading some of them - that's why I suggested smaller images.”

    Okay. I will do accordingly.

    Take the cupcakes first and the teacups afterwards. All I want to hear from you is, “Ok, will do accordingly

    “Please move it to sc7280-herobrine-crd.dts.” “Okay. Will do accordingly.”

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