Thanks for the update vs Thanks for the updates

Thanks for the update 是人们最常用的表达方式。


这两种表达的意思相近,但是有些微的不同。 "Updates" 是复数型,适用于多个特定更新。

  • Thanks for the update的例句


    Thanks for the update on the SEO project.

    I wanted to say thanks for the update about our yearly budget.

    Thanks for updating me on this issue.

    Thanks for the update you sent our team last week.

    Thank you for the update on what has been happening throughout the past few months.

    I wanted to thank you for the update about our current status.

    "Thanks for the update" is something you say to your underling, not to your superior.

  • Thanks for the updates的例句


    Thanks for the updates over the past few weeks during this project.

    I wanted to say thanks for the updates about insurance each month.

    Thank you for the constant updates on the game, honey. I really need to know about it.

    Thanks for the updates, doctor. It helped us understand our son's condition more.

    We wish to say thanks for the updates all through the prior season--it helped us calibrate our system.

    Did she ever say thanks for the updates?

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