sounds great vs sound great

sounds great 是較常見的用法。


這兩個片語意思相同。 "sound great" 通常與複數名詞一起使用;"sounds great"通常適用於一個想法或建議,或與單數名詞一起使用。

  • sounds great 的例句

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    "Sounds Great" has the night you've been waiting for all month!

    Join Nora and Paige as they run through all the moments that have prompted them to say “sounds great”.

    Community power: sounds great, but how do we do this?

    Job sharing sounds great, but could it work at executive level?

    Social prescribing sounds great – but great for whom, in what circumstances and why?

    Taiwan-based semiconductor design house Sounds Great is unveiling prototypes of its Motion Microchip and Semiconductor Dynamic Speaker (SDS).

    I am sending an email to my French exchange and I want to say 'ca a l'air genial' (i think that means 'that sounds great').

    Democratic Education: Sounds great but does it work? I am presenting the results of a follow up study of ex-students of Self Managed Learning College.

    10k for young people sounds great, but what could it actually buy? A new report on inter-generational inequality by the Resolution says “not much”!

    It sounds great in the studio but no one actually wants to listen to it.

  • sound great 的例句

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    These guys sound great! What is their band name?

    Rain gutters might sound great, but they are not without risks. We've been wondering what impact the new laws to extend homes upwards.

    The Carnegie Trust has recently announced a £350000 fund for “embedding wellbeing” in Northern Ireland. These and other measures sound great.

    These new guitar strings sound great on my acoustic guitar! They sound great until you there's a fire drill, you have to use the stairs!

    Broadband rebates may sound great, but Labour needs to remember 5G.

    Homelessness prevention measures sound great, but how do we actually do it?

    Are you thinking that these ideas all sound great, but it's just not up your donation alley? Fear not! You can still help us by sharing this.

    These new shows sound great, but it's not going to change the fact that everyone on Love Island looks like they spend at least three whole days.

    Speaking to PA, she said: “Initially these policies sound great, because of course stay-at-home parents do deserve to be remunerated for the outlay.

    YouTube is a based on visual and audio so you need to ensure that your videos look and sound great to gain an audience.

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