I fall asleep vs I fell asleep

I fell asleep 是較常見的用法。


"I fell asleep" 是"I fall asleep"的過去式。

  • I fell asleep 的例句

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    Sleep apnoea: 'I fell asleep at work'. Dr Malcolm Stewart knew he had to do something about his sleep problem when he dozed off in front of one of his puppy dawgs.

    I fell asleep in my exam this morning.

    Why did I randomly fall asleep in class and then wake up without knowing I fell asleep?

    I fell asleep in class today, as I was awfully bored. I laid my head upon my desk and closed my eyes and snored.

    I fell asleep in front of the TV.

    'I fell asleep with fake tan on and woke up covered in little footprints'.

    Then one day I fell asleep at the wheel and drove through a red light. I was jolted awake as a car whizzed past me.

    I fell asleep while studying at my desk. We're counting on you to wake us up in time, so don't fall asleep.

    Yesterday and today my sleep tracker is saying I fell asleep hours after I actually did.

    Let me tell you what happened the day I fell asleep at the wheel and lived to tell the tale.

    "I fell asleep while breastfeeding my baby." Bekka's sleeplessness had started when she got sick with pneumonia, just two weeks after their first anniversary.

    Ronnie O'Sullivan: I fell asleep during match.

    Still, I fell asleep without issue by 8:30 p.m. and hopped right out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.

    I fell asleep on a train – when I woke up, Paul McCartney was there. I decided not to ask Paul for his autograph.

    I fell asleep with my contacts in and both of them have moved to the back of my eyes. How do I remove them?

    But, since I fell asleep with a smooch in my cooch, my mind was allowing this to happen.

    Soon after, I fell asleep on the couch with my cat.

    She explained an assignment, each word trailing off in my ears as I fell asleep at my desk.

  • I fall asleep 的例句

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    How can I fall asleep? A regular, consistent sleep and wake schedule is Winter's top suggestion for anyone who's tired but can't sleep.

    How Can I Fall Asleep in 5 Seconds?

    Have you asked yourself “Why do I fall asleep while driving?” You may have more than one reason that you're tired behind the wheel.

    What happens when I fall asleep?

    I've been netting sleep jerks where one part of my body would jerk and wake me as soon as I fall asleep.

    Why Can't I Fall Asleep? --Song by Frank Murkwood

    What if I fall asleep during a session? ... Although being relaxed is great, we prefer for you to be awake during your sessions.

    What happens if I fall asleep in the float tank? It's one of the most common questions we get asked.

    Sometimes, just before I fall asleep, I feel paralyzed. I can think, but I can't take in air, and when I think about moving, my body won't respond to that.

    Even when I fall asleep I end up waking up in a few hours like if I sleep at 8 I'll wake up by 1.

    Now, no matter what time I go to bed I fall asleep very easily and sleep 5 hours. And then cannot fall asleep again.

    I am a healthy eater and I do not drink alcohol but every night after dinner when I sit down to watch TV and relax, I fall asleep for about 20 minutes.

    Initially, I was staying awake all night, but I now get these annoying jerks which wake me up exactly an hour after I fall asleep.

    We're heading on a day trip tomorrow and I'm excited so I fall asleep after about 45 minutes of monkey mind, waking up a couple of times in the night.

    Believe me, I fall asleep in no time.

    Why do I fall asleep when I'm bored? You're in the middle of a really boring PowerPoint presentation. Your eyes start to droop.

    Recently, I fell asleep while driving for the first time, which was really scary for me. Why would I fall asleep behind the wheel?

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