I hope so vs Sure, I hope so

I hope so 是較常見的用法。


"I hope so" 在談話和寫作中應隨後立即提到所希望的事情。

  • I hope so 的例句

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    “Can you come to my birthday party tonight?” “I hope so.”

    “Apparently it’s going to be sunny and warm this weekend.” “I hope so! I would love to go for a hike.”

    “Is the new action movie coming out this weekend?” “I hope so! It feels like I’ve been waiting for so long for it to come out.”

    You’re going to go to the dance, I hope, so you can give that guy a piece of your mind.

    He said to me, “Whenever people come to me asking for help, I never fail to solve whatever problem was bothering them.” I replied, “I hope so.”

    “I hope we can find a good parking spot.” “Yeah, I hope so too.”

    “Was your expensive new jacket worth the price?” “I hope so.”

    “Are you getting promoted soon?” “I’m not sure, but I hope so.”

    “Do you think you’ll get the job at the big firm?” “I hope so; I think I did well in the interview.”

    “Will you be able to get the time off work?” “I hope so, but I’ll have to ask my boss.”

    “Is the concert still happening?” “I hope so! I already bought the outfit I’m going to wear for it.”

    “Do you think your wedding dress will still fit by the time you actually get married?” “I hope so!”

  • Sure, I hope so 的例句

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    “Do you think the pandemic will be over by the end of the year?” “I’m not sure, but I hope so.”

    People say that everything happens for a reason; I’m not so sure, though I hope so.

    “Do you think that there’s an afterlife?” “Sure, I hope so.”

    “Do you think our team will win the game?” “Sure, I hope so.”

    “Do the waterproof shoes last for a long time?” “I’m not sure, I hope so because I bought two pairs.”

    “Will you be at the party tonight?” “I’m not** sure, I hope so**. It just depends on whether I have to stay late at work.”

    When asked whether the hit TV show would have another season, the creator said, “Sure, I hope so.”

    I asked him if he thought his knee was recovered enough for him to play sports again, and he said, “Sure, I hope so.”

    “Are you able to come to my son’s birthday party next weekend?” “Not sure--I hope so!”

    “Work isn’t busy today—do you think we’ll be able to leave early?” “Sure, I hope so. I have nothing to do right now.”

    For sure I hope so. He has a great view of the course, so I hope he is enjoying it for sure.

    I am sure I hope so myself. There is a great and peculiar charm about reading news-scraps in a language which you are not acquainted with--the charm that he has.

    I'm sure I hope so,” said Peterkin earnestly. “But what has become of the wreck, Jack? I saw you clambering up the rocks there while I was resting.”

    The instructions isn't permanent, once you have gone through them once they should go. As to the beans, not sure, I hope so!

    I am not really sure. I hope so. Well, if you are not following the Pope- I would recommend it for the daily practice!

    Sure, I hope so and I wish him that. But he should really focus on making some original content too. Do I recommend it? Watch something else instead.

    It sounds like it is, but I can't really be sure. I hope so. It would be too ironic if my last words wound up as just a bunch of static on the screen.

    I'm not sure I hope. So I can order more beads and show you more of my work people. I hope I can go on as long as possible.

    “Do you think you’ll be able to make it along with us all on the vacation old buddy?” I asked. “Sure, I hope so. As long as my leg doesn’t get bad again, I should just about manage.

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