more then vs more than

一番よく使われている表現はmore thanです。


"more than" は2つのものを比較するための表現です。 "more then" はある文章やその一部として使われますが、単体では意味を持たない言葉です。

  • more than


    It seems like we have more than enough food to go around this time.

    What could be more fun than a picnic on a nice summer day?

    I loved this movie more than I wanted to admit.

    He said that their company had more than it could hold in storage this time around.

    We have more good players on our team than they do. We need to win.

    The police have more of a budget than they did the last two years combined.

    Did you know that the Grammys were more highly watched than the Emmys last year?

    We didn't realize we would need to bring more than just ourselves to the party.

    When it comes to money, you have more than I do.

  • more then


    If I can't buy flour any more then I need to use another ingredient for these cookies.

    We go for more and then we go even further.

    More then more then more then more--the hungriest eating machine I'd ever seen continued to gobble up the feast in front of our eyes.

    If you say that we can't eat pizza anymore, then how will we survive going to Italy for a month??

    I slept a lot. Then I slept some more. Then I got up and ate a bowl of cereal before going back to sleep.

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