blow me away vs blew me away

blew me away 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"blew me away" 是 "blow me away" 的过去式,是一个惯用表达,相比"blow me away" 更加常用。两者意思相同。

  • blew me away的例句


    "The forced resignation blew me away, but I know I did my work to the best of my ability." David thanked his teachers and parents for the consistent support they gave him.

    But what blew me away was Chernobyl, as I found the trailer very intense and I decided to watch it.

    What blew me away here was that their findings mirrored what we have discovered happens with our Choir with No Name members.

    The whole 'storm' scene blew me away (no pun intended). My number 1 bad-boy Reichis is back in all his furry glory in this book.

    And while the monovarietal wines were impressive, it was the flight of three 2013 blends that blew me away.

    The importance of the music to the people is what blew me away.

    The other thing is--this information also blew me away--that 20% of people over the age of 65 who use multiple medications are also daily drinkers.

    Came across this couple of days and blew me away. Love beach boys but how could Brian do this to Frank at the time.

    When I asked chef Elena how people like you and me can help support the indigenous food movement, what she said blew me away.

    Her book blew me away. I will say that both of those books knocked me on my ass.

    When I first read this report, it blew me away. It made me think that I need to be offering treatments now that will help all stages of life.

    I didn't think I'd like the 2018 game but it blew me away. This game has big shoes to fill.

    So just getting more of a sense of what blew me away was just how much is going into the development of what you created.

    This book blew me away. I am so glad I read it.

    It blew me away the first time I saw this, like yeah spoilers, but yes, very much “good for her.”

    For me, the thing that blew me away was just how meticulous, intelligent, and on top of everything Megan is.

    The first movie that blew me away with special effects was definitely Terminator 2.

    It blew me away, seeing the power and the strength and the effects of the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

    A murder is announced is the other christie book that blew me away.

    And that blew me away. So it kind of pulled everything together.

    But what blew me away was the speed, particularly when loading websites.

  • blow me away的例句


    After this, we went to the steepest street in the entire world, Baldwin St. I had an idea how steep it was, but wow did it really blow me away when we got there.

    I've been shooting weddings for ten years now and I suppose there comes a time where very few places really blow me away anymore.

    I've tried so many products over the years that it's hard to really blow me away, so let's see if Refy Beauty was worth the hype for me.

    It didn't really blow me away. Not my kind of humor. Other judges may think it's funny.

    'Aries' is another that on first listen didn't really blow me away but after hearing it in the context of the full album this track is pretty awesome.

    It just didn't blow me away, I'm sad to say. We'd paid in full for our meals at the Hardwick Inn. They didn't know I was a blogger.

    Not many products blow me away and this one is literally my favorite one i have ever used its the most versatile yet easy to use product to use.

    This is something that would really blow me away.

    It didn’t really blow me away with anything. It wasn’t the easiest firewall in the world to setup.

    There's not a lot of hotels that blow me away, but this was one.

    With the news that Deadlocked will be the penultimate novel in the series, I was expecting something to really blow me away!

    You blow me away with how naturally musically talented you are.

    It was a nice folky tune, but it didn't really blow me away as I'd have expected and I started waiting for some new stuff in order to give my fans a buzz.

    I think this was the first book to really blow me away this year. Enough so that I wrote a whole review and ended up reading it a second time.

    Singer Meyrick has a staggering command over his voice, from the higher cleans to the growling lows, the band really blow me away.

    Art brut was the first trend to really blow me away. At that time, my work was full of nuances and naively drawn shapes and forms.

    The first beers to really blow me away were IPAs and imperial stouts, and not much has really changed.

    I like Taboo a lot and those beats serve their purpose but none of them really blow me away.

    It didn't really blow me away or make me want to rush back to have it again, but I'd recommend it to anyone who happened to be going there for a while.

    At times, even, the outraged stay aboard the train. Those times really blow me away.

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