match it with vs match it to

match it to 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"match it to"和 "match it with" 绝大多数情况下意思相同。

  • match it to的例句


    The detectives found a fingerprint on the scene and matched it to the fingerprint of the prime suspect.

    I bought a pink purse to match it to my pink jacket.

    I bought him a stylish watch to match it to his personality.

    I looked through my transactions for the price of the laptop so I could match it to the price I wrote in my budget.

    When we receive an order, we match it to someone with experience in that field.

    I know you thought you’d managed us all very nicely, and nobody suspected anything. Unfortunately for you, the footprint on those fancy hiking boots of yours have been matched to the ones found at the scene of the crime.

    You can mix and match it to create different outfits.

    The child had to pick a word and match it to an image.

    I bought a new tie, but I don’t know how to match it to any of my suits.

    He bought a can of paint from the store to match it to the paint on his walls, but the colours were slightly different.

    For work, I have to input the details of an invoice and match it to an order number.

    She wanted to get a new tattoo, but only if she could match it to her other tattoo.

  • match it with的例句


    Match it with your favorite harness, like in this pic, and you've got a perfect Pride look.

    “On his day he can match it with the best guys in the world, particularly on hard courts or grass,” said Hewitt.

    In the course of two or three minutes the color has developed, and it remains to match it with a solution of known strength.

    Can you believe those Yanks still think Golden Pal can match it with Nature Strip and they haven't give up on the possibility of a rematch.

    C should count slips of VVPAT and match it with figures of EVM results, and if it matches people's trust will increase.

    There will also be work by pathologists to try to match it with DNA lists kept by the National Crime Agency of people who are registered as sex offenders.

    If the govt gives true inflation increases, they might have to match it with wage increases to match.

    TransitCenter also argues that free transit programs can backfire if cities don't match it with service improvements

    You can match it with anything you'd match your red wine with. You might have gathered, because I tend to mention food quite a lot, that I love eating.

    To kick up the color intensity, match it with the Nars Lipstick ($26) in Schiap, a vivid pink with a nondrying, matte finish.

    The two teams will need to improve in that area if they are to match it with those higher up the table. Brad Abbey led the Mounties to victory.

    API Versioning reads version but can't match it with action even when attribute is specified.

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