Is it possible? vs Is that possible?

Is it possible? 是人们最常用的表达方式。


这两种表达的意思大致相同,可以当作相同含意来使用。但是 "Is that possible"通常是指已经在对话中陈述的请求或动作。

  • Is it possible?的例句


    Theoretically, is it possible to use magnetic energy?

    How is it possible that you didn't know this in advance?

    Officer Conforth, is it possible that I may take a little snack break?

    Not only is it possible, but I think it's spreading.

    Neither is it possible to evaluate that role in economic terms.

    I mean, is it even possible to do this according to the science?

    How is it possible to make a facility like Onkalo disappear from this land?

    Then, is it possible the president is also misunderstanding me?

    Now, is it possible they colluded?

    Senator Amidala, is it possible you might be going deaf?

  • Is that possible?的例句


    How** is that possible** in her condition though?

    How is that possible, dude? I hardly knew him!

    How is that possible, Queen Diana?

    You might ask how is that possible--and I would not have a good answer for you.

    Can I get a cheeseburger? Is that possible?

    How is that possible? Let's go to something else.

    How is that possible, Dr Jackman?

    All those dozens of Cheetahs you saw, how is that possible?

    Wait, is that possible with her in a coma?

    How is that possible, with audience erosion and competition from Internet and satellite?

    I saw something that looked like a true UFO last night. Is that possible?

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