After he finishes school vs After he finished school

After he finished school 是人们最常用的表达方式。


这两种表达的动词相同,但时态不同。 "After he finishes school" 讲述未来发生的事情,而"After he finished school" 讲述过去发生的事情。

  • After he finished school的例句


    After he finished school, we'd meet in Central Park.

    Your father started teaching after he finished high school.

    I trained newly blind people for ten years after I finished school.

    I was going to take Regan to Europe for a while after she finished school.

    And when he finished school... deserted you and went home.

    What did his mother do with her days after he finished school and went to college?

    After they finished school, they all went their different ways to live their own separate lives.

    What did Charlie do after he finished school last spring?

  • After he finishes school的例句


    Maybe he plans on taking up prizefighting after he finishes school this year.

    Just after he finishes talking to my daddy, I guess.

    Charlie and I are going camping tomorrow at Juniper Park after he finishes his shift.

    Yeah. Right after he finishes everything on the bride's to-do list.

    And Nurcan's going to work when she finishes school.

    I don't want Travis to be one of those kids that who, after he finishes school, just sits around doing nothing, waiting for his dream job.

    Twenty minutes later, he finishes photographing the bedroom.

    After he finishes grad school, he will work as a mechanical engineer at a company in Spain.

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