for best results vs for the best results

for the best results 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"for best results"和 "for the best results"意思相同,用法相同。 "for best results"常见于商品标签里。

  • for the best results的例句


    For the best results, put the cream on before you go to bed.

    You have to use it every day for the best results.

    For the best results on the test, you have to study hard.

    You have to let the chicken marinate for three hours for the best results.

    Be sure to read the instructions for the best results.

    For the best results, use all of the company’s products.

    I think that, for the best results, you should work out four times a week.

    I always strive for the best results possible.

    Did you know that, for the best results, you should study at least four hours a day?

  • for best results的例句


    For best results, apply a thin coating of this liquid to the wall first.

    You have to use it every day for best results.

    For best results, shake well before using.

    For best results, take no more than two pills per day.

    I didn't want to wait any longer, but for best results, the instructions say to wait at least 24 hours.

    Use two cups of flour for best results and the most delicious cookies.

    For best results, call your representative whenever you have an issue.

    For best results, preheat the oven before cooking.

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