All of the above vs All the above

All of the above 是人们最常用的表达方式。


"All of the above" 和 "all the above" 具有相同的意思和用法。短语中的"Of"可以省略。

  • All of the above 的例句


    All of the above are total lies.

    All of the above is to enable the elect to be obedient.

    All of the above are ways you can help couples who are getting separated or divorced.

    All of the above may be, in a sense.

    I don't agree to all of the above conditions.

    Does this apply to all of the above?

    All of the above are direct quotes from the Talmud,

    All of the above concerns a product produced in a concentration of eau de parfum.

    Relying on your life-style you may also need other supplements like calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D. All of the above when mixed with the correct stretches and exercise methods will assist you in getting taller fast.

    b is the foundation of the training,

    All of the above - menus, placemats, napkins.

    All of the above would be thus explicitly controlled directly by the Union's authority.

    All of the above destinations are between a 20- and 50-minute drive.

    Do you carry all of the above items I need?

    All of the above indicators have one thing in common.

    All of the above contribute to a unique solution to this application.

  • All the above的例句


    All the above elements are leading to a fast-paced drying up of foreign currency resources, all this to the great detriment of Egyptian state revenue, including the level of taxes collected.

    Do you know anything about all the above orders listed?

    Still, for all the above reasons, your Rapporteur is of the opinion that Heading 1b will require a much increased level of payments in 2011.

    All the above adverse reactions were reported in opioid naïve volunteers administered with Rapinyl.

    They are used in order to connect tubes or pipes with each other in all the above applications.

    All the above issues highlight the need to enhance the political framework, which up to now has been rather defensive and based on a protectionist reasoning, adopting measures which were necessary though insufficient.

    In conclusion, in the light of all the above, KEDO appears to be the only realistic option at this stage.

    In all the above referred cases the number of investigators in charge seems to be adequate and is not in question.

    For all the above reasons, Torafe, on account of these activities, is infringing both Directive 2000/60/EC OJ L 327, 22.12.2000, p.

    All the above mentioned issues are a serious threat to the proper functioning of the internal market.

    All the above issues have now been addressed in the draft Directive.

    All the above measures shall be reviewed regularly and at least within six months.

    All the above clearly indicate the commitment of the Commission to strengthening acceptable production systems.

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